*New* Monthly Column Coming Our Way: William Maltese Between Heaven and Hell

William Maltese Between Heaven & Hell

It is my honor to announce that The Pagan and the Pen has a new monthly column coming our way which will be written by the ever-so-fabulous Author William Maltese.

William has been in the business of publishing for a VERY long time. While most of us were still trying to get a pen, some paper, and a clue, he was out there giving us an enormous list of titles– being the first to concur an eclectic array of genres, and living a life most of us couldn’t even dare to dream of.

Just some of his genres are: male-female and male-male and bisexual fiction and romantic fiction, adventure, science-fiction, science-fantasy, horror, paranormal, adventure, espionage, mystery, intrigue, detective, play script, movie script, psychological, bondage and discipline / sadism and masochism, western,  historical, children’s male-male anthologies, male-male short stories, male-female short stories, non-fiction humor, help- and cooking and wine-exploration.

Can I just say, “You’ve come a long way baby!”

I know from personal experience that having something as simple as a conversation with William is never boring, never predictable, and would make the juiciest gossip flat out blush–except for this girl who lives in the gutter of seedy sin anyway *winks*. Needless to say, I am thinking of becoming a professional stalker, or kidnapper, or both– in his name only….but until then, I can only imagine what kinds of articles he will create for us to post.

He is easily at the top of my most colorful list and whatever brews in that delicious mind of his, is always—to die for.

Now, the official date of each article is not set yet. For now, William will be having his way with our Free for All’s. But there will be something scrumptious posted each  month.

To read more about William and his new column, please check out his permanent page: Between Heaven & Hell by William Maltese

And to get even more of a taste, check him out at his many links:

Web site





Books, Covers & Purchase Links

Book Trailers 1

Book Trailers 2

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