Pagan Holidays for May 9, 2010

Ancient Egypt would have had an Observance of the Akhet Eye that Pleases Ra today. However, the eye itself would have represented Hathor. So apparently Ra was very pleased with her on this day lol.

The Roman’s would have kicked off a festival of Lemuria today. Now, there are a TON of myths and theories concerning this lost civilization. However, the festival Lemuria that the Roman’s were having, had nothing to do with that. Their Lemuria stood of the Larvae which were restless spirits of the dead.

Now what makes a spirit restless according to Rome? Well, if you died a violent death or were eaten up with your own guilt, then that would pretty much do it, among other things.

Now, lore says that the Larvae take the shape of spectral forms and if you happen to be unfortunate to touch one, well you will just go totally mad in the head afterwards. On this day, the point was to get rid of these spirits and send them on.  And those Roman’s who wronged these spirits would have to do an act of atonement in order to do so.


Greeks are throwing down yet another festival for their Goddess Artemis today.


And this is Old May Day otherwise known as Laa Boaldyn on a place called Isle of Mann. Manx tradition has it that Witches and Fairies rise up and walk this world (our world) doing acts of good or mischief—depending on what they will.



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3 thoughts on “Pagan Holidays for May 9, 2010”

  1. When you say “Larvae” I assume you don’t mean the larval forms of insects. Strange that the ancient ones rreferrerd to spirits with this same word.


    1. You are correct Eve, I am not speaking insects lol. And in all honestly, when I typed this one up, I wondered how many people’s mind would go there, because mine did. Just another one of those words which means something different in ancient times compared to how we define it now.


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