Why Divination is Dangerous

To put this in context, I’ve been working with divination tools for twenty years, but there are reasons to be careful of them. Used in the wrong ways, or for the wrong reasons, they can cause far more harm than they alleviate. I believe that fortune telling can and does work, which is why I take it seriously and encourage caution, and responsibility. Here are some things to be mindful of.

Invasion of Privacy. It’s nigh on impossible to cast runes, tarot cards or anything else in a way that only reveals things about you. We all exist in relationship, and quite often when it comes to fortune telling, relationship is what people most want to know about. Is there a partner in the future? Does X really fancy me? Is Y having an affair? Casually poking about trying to find out private things about other people is invasive and irresponsible. You can also get it wrong. If you can’t avoid it in dealing with your own issues, tread gently. Information gathered through divination should not be worked with alone. Look for other sources. Be sceptical, consider alternative interpretations. If you need to know something about a person, frequently the best method is to ask them.

Asking the wrong questions. Think carefully about what you ask. If you seek information in a yes/no sort of way, you close down your options and may miss the relevant information. ‘Am I going to get this job?’ The answer may be no, but going to the interview might open up a different opportunity. Hearing ‘no’ and deciding not to bother, you might miss your big chance. Ask open questions. Don’t ask things you don’t actually want to hear the answers to. E.g. ‘Am I going to die young?’ If you get the question right, the chances of getting a useful answer are much improved. Avoid divination methods that only give binary answers, unless you’re asking very simple questions like ‘is it a boy or a girl?’ ‘did I leave my car keys in here?’

Dependence. Divination is not a substitute for making your own choices. It’s a tool for helping clarify thoughts and issues. However, when times are challenging, it’s always a temptation to reach for the runes or tarot (or whatever you use). They can be comforting, and take away the feeling of pressure and responsibility. This is a trap to avoid. Divinations cannot, and should not make your choices for you, and if you are using them on a daily basis, you need to cut back. The exception would be things like oracle cards, where it’s as much about sparking meditation as seeing what the day will bring. More than once a day with those would be unhealthy.

The future is not cast in stone. Perhaps the greatest danger with any divination tool, is believing it. I think the future is open to change, and the act of contemplating it alters the possibilities before us. Nothing is certain. Divination is one tool amongst many, for getting a sense of where life’s currents may be carrying you. It does not offer absolute, unassailable truth. If you see a future you don’t like, think very hard about how you can change it, roll with it, survive it. Do so with great care. There are plenty of ancient tales (Oedipus Rex springs to mind) where an attempt to dodge fate actually brings it down upon a person. Even if you firmly believe that we cannot cheat the fate we are dealt, there is scope for finding the best possible way through, with honour.

Used wisely, and in moderation, divination tools help deal with some of life’s challenges. They are not things to be ruled by or in thrall to. When it comes down to it, you still have to decide how to act.

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