Pagan Holidays for May 5, 2010

Image from the album of Double Army Brat

If we peak back in time into the Calendar of the Ancient Egyptians, then we’d see something marvelous being planned. Today would have been known as THE DAY OF THE LIVING CHILDREN OF NUT.

Nut, (Nuit, Newet, Neuth) happened to be their Goddess or mistress of the sky. That meant stars, planets, and all things existing in the sky. Her name translated to Night, but in time she began to represent Night and Day and without her, the Sun God Ra, who was said to be of her design, would not have been reborn day in and day out.

Older writings show her name drawn as a pot, which represented a Uterus. Because of this, human women were often called by the name nutrit which translated to little Goddess for women had the same gift as Nut–the ability to give life.

Weren’t the Ancient Egyptians smart?


Egyptian Sky Goddess Nut by Caroline Smith

Now when Nut is depicted in Egyptian Art of the Ancient variety, she is usually drawn  as above. Her star dazzling body stretches over with her hands and feet which hold the four compass points –North, South, East, West.

According to the Egyptians, Nut protects the world (and all things in it) from the outside darkness existing beyond her shields.

Now while some myths tell of Nut as the mother of Ra, she is also said to be the mother of Isis, Osiris, Nephysis, and Set by that of the God Geb. Geb represented the Earth or was the Earth depending on how you personally interpret myths.

Not only is she responsible for the rebirth of Ra, but legend says Osiris could not have been reborn if it wasn’t for the sacred sky Goddess, his mother Nut.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Holiday and learned something.

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