Pagan Holidays for May 1, 2010

Ana Cruz 2007

Get ready Pagans for today is when Winter is severed away from Summer. That’s right, today and tonight is Beltane! it’s when the God and the Goddess come together and bring forth their sacred union. And let’s not forget that on this day, the veils between the worlds are the thinnest! Elemental beings, Spirits,  and any and all magical beings are able to walk among the earth and our realm again.

So light those grand bonfires, dance and make merry, send Winter away, join with your god and or Goddess or simply with your kin, and bring the better of weather in with a bang!

In Finnish countries, they will be celebrating Rowan Witch day which honors their Earth Goddess Rauni.



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3 thoughts on “Pagan Holidays for May 1, 2010”

    1. Yeah, I am HUGE on Goth Romantic Art. I have to work real hard on my calendars since I am making them for others, and not just me, not to haunt those tastes of mine. Ana Cruz is one of my FAVORITE, though. She has one on Stonehenge that I have used here (I animated it) that I just adore. Makes me want to hope into that time and just chill there in the picture lol.


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