Pagan Holidays for April 30, 2010

In Northern Germany and Scandinavian Countries, today was known as Walpurgis Night—sacred to Witches.

Tonight is the Eve of Beltane, a Pagan Sabbath which exists now even today. The Celtics knew that on this night Spirits were afoot. And once long ago, people would place the branches of the rowan across their doors and windows. It is said that if you sit for a spell underneath a tree this night, you may just see the Queen of the fairies, or at least hear the passing of her throne.

The Welsh will be having an Observance for their Goddess Blodeuwedd. Now here is an interesting story….

This Goddess was created by the God Gwydion. The purpose of making her was clear. She was to be the wife of another god named Llew Llaw Gyffes. Now, naturally, this totally ticked Blodeuwedd off. She had no desire to be the the property of any god. Plus, she accidently fell in love with the God who created her  (Gwydion) so this didn’t help matters at all. And to make the situation worse, he also fell in love with her. So what were these star crossed lovers to do?

Well, the only darn thing they could do. They devised a plan and tricked Llew Llaw Gyffes into getting killed but unfortunately, he managed to find a way to return. In all his anger he rid of Gwydion and cursed Blodeuwedd to live in the form of an owl, hunting during the night and living out her existence in solitude.

Sometimes it sucks to be a deity.



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One thought on “Pagan Holidays for April 30, 2010”

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