Pagan Holidays for April 25, 2010

The Numerology number for today is 5.

This number is connected with Freedom & movement, energy, creativity and travel. It is symbolized by the pentacle, the five pointed star. 5 is linked with mercury and therefore with Gemini & Virgo. It rules all pale colors.


Rome will be honoring their Goddess Robigo with a festival called Robigalia. In a grove considered to be sacred, five miles or so on the outskirts of Rome itself, they would partake in this celebration. The importance of this day was again…crops. The Goddess was said to be the protector of corn from all harm especially blight and mildew. Losing a crop had devastating effects on peoples. No matter how serious the day was, however, they would still have a blast by feasting and games such as racing.

In many parts of Europe, today was named Cuckoo’s Day, for the many birds which left for winter….would then return!


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