Pagan Holidays for April 24, 2010

The numerology number for today is 4.

This number is symbolized by the four points of the compass and the four seasons. As a result, four is associated with foundations, with a sense of structure and tradition, and therefore with the sign of Capricorn. Its planetary ruler is Saturn, and its colors are dark gray and Blacks.


Let’s see what our Ancient Ancestors were doing on this Saturday way back when….

Oh, this is a good one! For those who adore Divination, then today is for you. Your Pagan Ancestors took great advantage of this day calling it Mark’s Eve. An unmarried woman could learn the hidden identity of her future husband on this day. Now, there seems to be no particular custom or ritual but history shows that some would bake in silence come evening. Whatever she baked, bread, cake, pastry, had to include ONE egg. Afterwards the eggs shell would be filled with salt. Now, the face of her beloved was supposed to show itself somewhere in that egg shell, I am guessing.

Oh, and another GOOD custom—some girls would walk backwards to her bedrooms on this night. If they did so, they would see the image of their soon-to-be husband rush past !!!!!


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