Free May 2010 Desktop Wallpaper Ready!!!!


(Please do not save the preview as it is a small size and will NOT fit on your desktop very well as a Wallpaper.)

The Fantasy Wallpaper, which I call Dream Time–Moon Time features some holidays (but nothing insane or cluttering), moon phases (as always). There is a ton of room around the border to put your desktop icons without  running them into the actual picture. That way you can keep everything neat and organized.

I hope you enjoy. If you like it, then do shout out so I know someone is getting use out of them. it also helps me to know the popular tastes.

Click on the size below and it will take you to my Photo bucket album where you can RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS. That’s the easiest way I can think of doing these. And if you do not see your size below, then let me know as well. Maybe I can hook you up.

1680 x 1200

1680 x 1050

1280 x 800

1024 x 768

800 x 600

As always, you can add your own information to these but when sharing with others, please use the originals.

All Artists are watermarked (if I could find them and unless it was art I purchased or was free rights). No copyright infringement intended. These calendars are FREE for personal use and NOT for resale.

C.H. Scarlett

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