Pagan Holidays for April 16, 2010

Today’s Numerology number is 6.

This is an extremely harmonious number, associated with love, service, responsibility and balance. It is symbolized by the six- pointed star and linked to the planet Venus, and therefore the two signs Taurus & Libra. Its colors are pale blues, turquoises and greens.

Today’s Ancient Holidays are:

The fifth day of the Roman festival called Cerealia, in honor of Ceres.

And in Greece, (I thought we’d never hear from them this week) they are having a Festival called Hiketeria which will be in honor of their God Apollo. Now before everyone gets excited, this was a private festival…not a public one. However, if one of your ancient relatives belonged to the Cult of Apollo, then saddle up! You have a busy day ahead.

And in Egypt, today is a holiday all for Ra and any member of his cult.

C.H. Scarlett

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