Pagan Holidays for April 15, 2010

Ok, let’s toss things up and try something a little different, shall we? I am gonna add some numerology to the mix. Tell you what today might be good for! Let me know if you find it helpful…today’s number is 5 (by adding up the month 0 +4 +1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 14. And since there are no dual numbers in Numerology aside from 11 & 22, we add 1+ 4, which then equals 5)

5 is connected with Freedom, movement, energy, creativity and travel. It is symbolized by the pentacle, the five pointed star. 5 is linked with mercury and therefore with Gemini & Virgo. It rules all pale colors.

Now, for the holidays!!!!! And if we thought yesterday was a busy day on the ancient calendar, here we are again.

The Romans are throwing down two celebrations again today. Again, its their 4th day of the Cerealia festival (How cool is that since today is 5 in Numerology?) but they are also having a festival called Fordicidia– a festival honoring Tellus Mater, who happened to be the Mother of Earth. Rome raised her temple around 268 BCE after an earthquake. So not only was she called to witness oaths but she was called upon to prevent earthquakes or to aid during and so forth. However, this festival has nothing to do with earthquakes or oaths. The reason the Romans are honoring her right now was a joint effort in aiding Ceres, their Goddess of Grain and Agriculture, for how would she pull that off if the Mother of Earth did not aid her in someway? Very clever Romans *winks*…when attempting to gain a wanted outcome, one must cover all bases!

Now, in Egypt, a great festival for their Goddess Bastet will begin. Bastet is famous for having the head of a cat (or at least that’s how the Egyptians painted her) and for being the very untamed, unable to control daughter of Ra. Now House of Gods is complete without their very own rebel lol. Not only was Bastet fond of cats but she was known for blessing the deserving greatly and those who were cruel—well beware the wrath of Bastet.

Don’t forget those who walk a Celtic path, today the Tree Month of Saille Begins!!!!!

C.H. Scarlett

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