Pagan Holidays for April 12, 2010

Today Rome will honor their Goddess Ceres who began her cult around 496 BCE, or rather the Romans did following the orders of the Sibylline Oracle. We see that Rome has practiced a few habits of the Greeks. One, they have as many celebrations as possible—perhaps keeping the people happy–and two, they make their own version of the gods and goddesses of Greece.

The festival of Cerealia, honoring Ceres should be seen as no different. Ceres, said to be the Roman version of Demeter clearly expresses why. She was the Goddess of grain and agriculture and if we notice throughout ancient civilizations, that was VERY important. Because without food, people would…well starve.

Now, while Rome is throwing down another festival, they will also mark on their calendars the return of Proserpine—their version of Greece’s rise of Persephone.

C.H. Scarlett

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