Nourishing your Inspiration

Nothing grows or thrives without being fed. If you want to be creative, then you must have the time and energy to support it. This means getting enough sleep for your brain to work properly. Drinking enough water and eating well will also help you. Exercise is great for loosening up the brain. It’s very easy to get into vicious circles of feeling exhausted, harassed and miserable, not having the energy or vision to make changes to improve that, and by not changing it, being stuck in an uninspired place where it seems there is no way out. If your life feels that way, it is vital to take radical action. A few days off and some proper sleep makes it possible to move on.

To seek inspiration you need both peace and challenge. Quiet time in which to formulate and imagine is essential, but you also need things to motivate you. You can set the challenges yourself, around life improvement, causes, or any issue that speaks. Battling against challenges all the time burns people out, while an excess of tranquillity makes us indolent. We need balance in order to thrive. If your life is unbalanced, then your creative journey begins by addressing that.

I spoke in the previous blog post about honouring the sources of your inspiration, knowing them and learning to work with them. I also pointed out that there must be balance in this relationship. How you respond to the sources of your inspiration is part of the way in which you nurture your own creativity. By caring for the source, you protect and encourage it. For example, if you are inspired by the natural world, then time given to litter picking, tree planting, conservation etc not only balances what you have gained, but will very likely add to your inspiration. If a book inspires you, or a teacher you might choose to make that inspiration known so that others will benefit. The consequence might well be another book from the teacher. There is a cyclical pattern here, and we should be mindful of it.

Where we give, we also receive. If a person is blocked and finds it hard to create, then it is a time for generous action, for giving and offering to others. We can be replenished in this way.

It is also really important to offer your creativity and the fruits of your inspiration. You might choose to share your work or ideas with other people. That can result in all kinds of feedback, positive and negative. Both are potentially beneficial. By sharing your creativity, you may inspire others to attempt creative things, and to bring that back to you in the future, which will in turn nourish you.

There is also the option of offering your work to the gods. I find that playing music outside, to the sky, is incredibly powerful for me. Offering your creativity to a place that inspires you, can be deeply affecting.

Inspiration is not something you can horde. Trying to be mean with it, to drip it out slowly in case you run out, is to stifle it. Keeping it to yourself in the hopes of financial gain, or avoiding criticism, will not, ultimately, serve you. The more we give, the more inspiration and creativity we pour into the world, the more there is. Where we are generous, others will very likely respond in kind. Whatever you make or do, let it be known, so that others can respond to it, draw inspiration from it and respond in their own ways. In those responses you will very likely find much of the support you need to keep you working with your ideas, and to keep the inspiration flowing.

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