Pagan Holiday for April 9, 2010


Once long ago, was such an observance in many parts of England known as Hocktide. Hocktide, at one time, became a remembrance for when the Danish invaders of 1002 CE was expulsed.  Then, during the middle ages, it became a time of great celebration and merriment. On this day, travelers could be made to pay a toll, legally waylaid, which would then be given to the poor—not rich—and or given to a worthy cause of the people. Then, later, once again, it changed….becoming a time of burden, when those who owed debt would be the ones made to settle money owed to whomever. Sad, for what was once a time of great joy and relief for the little people, became just another dreaded day marked in history. But alas….as the day once blessed then cursed  soon faded into the pages of lost time….part of the name remains—hock—being related in our contemporary times as to that of debt.

So Pagans…how can you celebrate Hocktide as once your ancestors did? Maybe, if one owes you money….if you could possibly afford it…let it go…set it free…just a thought.

Today is the 6th day of Megalesia in Rome. Again, honoring that of their Mother Goddess, Cybele.

And in Welsh land, today be Modron’s day. They shall be honoring their Celtic Goddess Modron, mother of Mabon—God of hunt.

C.H. Scarlett

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