Who Inspires You Challenge!


Today, (or whatever day you read this), I give everyone a challenge. Think of at least one person in your past or present who has inspired you. Then, call them on the phone, or go to their house, or write them an email  and or letter explaining in your own words why they have inspired you. Try and do one good favor for those people if at all possible. If they live too far away then maybe write up a blog post concerning them, or send them a special card by way of mail. Do something so obvious and blunt that THEY know they made a difference in some way or some how.

Then after you tell them, present them with the same challenge.

The one who has inspired me most in my life is my Crone, Janice. Why does she inspire me? Because she is the energizer bunny—never stops. She symbolizes the strength and spunk women have and is truly very wise.

So who inspires you? It doesn’t have to be earth changing. Maybe it was something small but deeply significant in your own life. Have they passed over into the next life? Write down your feelings on a piece of paper along with their name. Then walk outside with a candle, read it, then burn it, allowing the wind to carry your words to them. Was it someone you lost contact with? Make a blog post about it and who knows, maybe the Goddess or God will bring them back to you. maybe they will stumble on those words online….you never know. Is it someone in your present life who you have already told? Tell them again. Sometimes hearing sweet words that we have made a difference is all someone has on a terrible day. Make their day….tell someone.

Take the challenge! And let us know at The Pagan and the Pen who inspires YOU!

C.H. Scarlett

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