Vatican Cries Again

Oh I love a good scandal. As a writer, nothing gets my mouth wet and hungry for more then some damn good naughty stuff. However, I drew the line when the scandal concerning the hidden Sexual Abuse that the Catholic Churches were covering up some off years back came flying out into the open. Let’s admit –that wasn’t fun and juicy scandal-a-liscious but rather horrible and shocking.

By the way, my heart bleeds for those children…adults…victims.

But that happened ages ago right and should be over now…ya think? (note to self–it never ended, was never resolved, but keep reading.)

So now what has the Vatican’s robes all in a twist then? Same ol, same ol. Except now  the Pope is trying to dodge a lawsuit brought against them by those in Kentucky. What does Kentucky want? They want the damn Pope on the stand, that’s what, and I can’t say I blame them.

However and I shall quote, quote, quote:

Court documents obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press show that Vatican lawyers plan to argue that the pope has immunity as head of state, that American bishops who oversaw abusive priests weren’t employees of the Vatican, and that a 1962 document is not the “smoking gun” that provides proof of a cover-up.Source and more excuses, arguments, and so on.

Anyone else notice that after this (bleepin) scandal hit the fan that the Vatican, their Bishops, their Priests, their Popes just passed the blame from one so called clueless fool to the other? Like those who did work for them but didn’t work for them, from the laws on confidentiality, to the Priests who didn’t do it, to the Nuns who never knew it.

And no, this isn’t some Pagan’s attempt to attack the almighty church lol. But let’s face it folks…if the Cult of Pagan-hubba-hubba had done some sinful and unspeakable deeds to a bunch of innocent kids then every single one of them would be strung up and punished over it. Yet here we are dealing with title, money, power, and more importantly…religion…and yet this thing drags on and on and on and on.

For a recap of the past…basically what happened is so many years ago people started stepping forward admitting that this priest or that these priests from various Catholic Churches had sexually molested them as children. BUT instead of the church bringing charges or kicking the wolf in sheep’s clothing out of their sacred cloths and holier than thou collars—INSERT BIG FREAKIN COVER UP HERE–they simply hushed up the whole mess and sent those priests to a DIFFERENT church ………elsewhere….you know, in stranger and unsuspecting pastures.

Did the Priests stop? Did any of them stop?

Hell no.

What sick pedophile stops when they don’t have to fear the law? Instead of purging themselves of their sinful ways and at least tempting to make amends, they simply found NEW unsuspecting victims in NEW churches as the entire cycle just kept repeating.

However, in that lies the problem. The mighty and Powerful Vatican claims they had a communication problem and that no one told anyone anything. NO ONE knew anything, even though the morons passing the dirty priest off to another unknowing community had to know something in order to pass the buck, right? And who did they call to know what to do? And even if nothing was proven, although how could it be when every time it happened someone gave the ok to sweep it under the rug,  Even still, although…no one continued to know anything of nothing of something concerning whatever which never didn’t and couldn’t have ever happened.

*scratches head…what?* I smell a Oliver North—FALL GUYS.

You can click the source above and hear all the glorious excuses but my point is this and will always be…

Why is it still going on? And when are we going to stop shoving crap under the rug?

I don’t care who you are…I don’t care if your God has ordained you purer than the purist of pure! You are in a HUMAN body with NATURAL Human needs. Am I saying molesting a kid is a human need? Hell no. But maybe if we stop denying ones of their God given urges and convincing them to live a life no man or woman was ever meant to live, then maybe, just maybe, some of this sick crap will just fade to black.

Plan A–Treat the Priests to an all- you- can- romp- Hooker- fest in secret ….since we now know they can pass Pedophiles around in secret….surely they can have a hooker fest in secret.

Oh wait, that’s not a secret anymore, is it?

Ok then, plan B–

Call CNN and say God called and said let them sexually suppressed poor boys take a lustful wench as a wife then. That’s right. I said it. Let them men take wives/same sex husbands *gasps* and have a Honeymoon.

If God gave thee a willy then free willy with a consenting ADULT, damn it.

Will that stop the Pedophiles in collars? Probably not all of them–lets be realistic here and I am not a shrink nor do I understand why these criminals do what they do, but for those who still fall off the cliff of sick, quit hiding them—send their butts to jail, (or insert one of my twisted and sadistic punishments)!

Bottom line—Protect the kids…and not the damn Priests who are mentally mucked in the brains and not true Priests if they are doing these crimes. Make Jesus proud and stop being idiots about it.

Oh and watch the attacks of the Pope and those of the church against those who were victims….in the Victims WORDS HERE

6 thoughts on “Vatican Cries Again”

  1. tbh I would love to see those bastards ExCommunicated, and I agree with what you are saying, it all just sickens me. And scares me that we still live in a world where they are protected by their religion as it is the mainstream one.


  2. Having grown up Catholic, I can attest to their policy of misinformation. That’s what Catechism is for. We learned that everybody was Catholic until Martin Luther ruined it all with his little revolt. The church I went to prided itself on open communication. In order to make our Confirmations, we all had to meet with the priest alone for an hour. I remember feeling creeped out and wanting my parents with me. My jr year in HS, my parents dragged me to church in a last-ditch effort to stop me from becoming pagan. The entire Easter sermon was about the decon detailing the ways he was sexually abused as an adult. I have to wonder now if that didn’t happen with the knowledge and consent of the Church. Whatever the case, my parents bought me pagan books the following Christmas and my younger sisters were not forced to continue with Catechism.

    The abuse of children is a hot-button issue. Nothing makes me sicker or angrier. But it is just one aspect of this misinformation policy. I wasn’t surprised by that or by the prostitution ring inside the Vatican. I understand the separation of Church and state, but I don’t think it should be a ‘hold harmless’ card for anyone.


  3. Horror story that’s for sure. Here is another horror story. I was watching 20/20 or one of those shows like that—maybe it was a Documentary????

    Anyway, the investigator reporters kept getting tips that so-called well respected Americans (and other countries) who held jobs such as Doctors, Lawyers, etc were actually flying to 3rd World Countries where they SELL babies and small children in a prostitution ring.

    These sickos take vacations there, get their crime done legally, then fly back home to their own countries without anyone ever knowing that they are screwed in the head.

    We have a huge damn problem in this world and in my mind its more important than who owns the most oil, who has the most money, and who is running the political shows.

    Huge problems.


  4. Great post. I have been following this story. It just makes me sick that anyone would be involved in covering this up. I don’t care what religion they are–it’s just wrong.


    1. Well according to the news earlier, the Pope now was on record as KNOWING about one of the Pedophile Priests and did nothing. Thats why they want him on the stand or what not????


  5. This reply was posted on another article and seemed to fit this one. So I am transporting it to here lol.


    Templar, on April 2, 2010 at 11:11 am Said:

    The tragedy of criminal acts, covered over by the Vatican, is long overdue for uncovering. The recent display is only one of several kinds of criminality they adhere to. But there are many hidden and open acts of criminality hiding behind a façade of goodness that pervert the natural desires of our children, inculcated via many forms of religious indoctrination.

    There will be some who say that the church leaders have nothing to do with their own real faith, but dismissing it easily only ignores the damage to the psychic composition of many young men and women, the world over. Ultimate authority is either implied or outright stated in the Catholic as well as Protestant clergy. It is stated in all faiths around the world. It is undercover of this authority that the players have played on for a good long run, using positions of power to hurt and kill children, men and women, some just for believing other than what was the exact coin of the realm for a belief psychosis.

    Taking authoritative responsibility carelessly, using it to gain access to children’s vulnerability, destroying a young person’s life is more than a secular crime, it is a crime against the Holy Spirit. The people that have taken trust so carelessly into their teaching, using it to sexually abuse a child or woman, should be brought to bear along with the sum total of the Catholic church’s crimes, over millennia. When the slate is finally washed clean, if it ever can be, perhaps then we might recognize a simple pure faith, quit building imaginary and concrete monuments to lies and inaugurate love, real LOVE, not the ersatz fantasy that passes for the real thing, now.

    Does the church, do churches, religions in general, do good? Yes of course. But it is this same goodness that is used to cause great harm, under cover, as it were. Remember, these people are trusted to do good. Perhaps many will step forward and confess that they are complicit in the human condition that results in criminal behavior, take appropriate punishment, (god knows what that should be!?). This may help save the good souls and work that follows the Holy Spirit. As future leaders, perhaps they can show a way with which to build a church, a mosque, a synagogue, temple, etc., under the open sky. Under the open sky, without manmade vaulted ceilings, the clear light of day may straighten out the overblown imaginations of people who are naturally fallible, as we all are. But we cannot forget that even under the open sky religious psychosis has committed atrocities, the aforesaid crimes against “sinners”; as if those who accused were not themselves terrible little devils. No one should be given license or title to cover their criminal acts or, once found out, have those crimes further covered. As if their religion, whatever faith they hold dear, might fall apart if it were revealed to be materially false, leaving them without a little job. Well then, let it all fall apart.

    It can appear at times as if dogmatic religions are set up to do such criminal acts, purposefully. Those with healthier relations towards their fellow humans might not think so or say that this goes too far. But it makes one wonder why, when children come home to say they have been abused, they have been told to shut up, be quiet, as some have come forward to say after many years. More adult complicity, even though somehow, well meaning?! Again, is it the fear of a belief falling apart? Children are brainwashed, brought up to segregate, hate and even kill in the name of narrow religious views. It is time for people to actually GET healthy and quit pretending it by hiding behind a strict, dogmatic belief psychosis.

    In one recent example challenging the status quo of secret tyranny, singer Sinead O’Connor ruined her career, calling the Catholic church the actual evil. Over hundreds of years others lost their lives for that challenge. Her opinion was born of years of Irish struggle. She spoke the other day as if the Catholic faith might still be brand new, once the truth was exposed. What a blessing…hope springs eternal. However, we are all children of the Universe, born to wonder and wander with open and clear eyes, gaining wisdom on the path of life, life that can well teach where one may find LOVE…if we have not been preemptively sickened by the adult imposition of beliefs.

    Those of good conscience and healthy acknowledgement of human frailty, of human need that requires healthy, normal, sexual expression, human inquisitiveness and, not least, the human disposition to connect with something larger than themselves that builds humility and real LOVE towards all of life…maybe they will share the leadership asked for by the Holy Spirit, but denied, for timeless aions.

    Hope springs eternal, especially in little children. Maybe some of us can live up to that promise, yet.

    ….faith, speaking


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