Pagan Holidays for March 29, 30, 31, 2010


Well it’s time to finish up this month. So lets step back in time and see how our Ancient Pagan Ancestors were going to do it.


Monday March 29

Babylon would have held their grand and great festival for their Goddess Ishtar today. While biblical writers claim their God destroyed this great city because of it’s sin, I find them truly remarkable, colorful, interesting, and no less wonderful than every other Ancient civilization.

Ishtar seems to be a Goddess many a woman can relate to especially since her life was never dull. However, Ishtar represents a freedom of sexuality that many of our sisters should take notice too. She seemed to be one who knew exactly what she wanted, perusing lovers, catching them, and then tossing them away without a blink of an eye. (Go Ishtar!) Now i am not saying women should chew men up and spit them out, but they should be able to go where their hearts lead them….

Our society today (in 2010) would have had a heart attack I’m sure if any of its woman were to go through men the way Ishtar did. For those women who do…we salute you! Fly through those Lovers (safely) until you find the one you want! No shame in that!

In Greece, the great festival of Delphinia will be going down which honors Apollo.

Tuesday March 30

Babylon will have more celebrations today as it belongs to an Observance for their Goddess Bau. Bau’s name literally meant ‘bark’ and she was drawn or painted with the head of a dog. Married to Ninurta, she guided and protected physicians and healers.

Also in Babylon, today is Akitu, their New Year. The festival kicking it off will run on for twelve days.

The Runic half month of Ehwaz begins–representing the partnership between humans and nature. Lets hope some of that catches on.

Wednesday March 31

Good-bye March.


Rome will see march go with a festival for their Goddess Luna.

And Egypt will do the same with their Goddess Bastet.


C.H. Scarlett


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