Book Review: Christma Sin: A Juliette Christmas Epistle by Ed Williams

Title: Christma Sin: A Juliette Christmas Epistle
Author:  Ed Williams 
Author Site
Buy Link
Publisher:  Champagne Books
Genre: Mainstream Fiction/Humor
Length – 150
Other: light M/F [Multiple Partners] no graphic sex
Pagan & Pagan Elements: n/n
Card Rating: 2.5
Reviewed by: Jes L’Heureux

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5 thoughts on “Book Review: Christma Sin: A Juliette Christmas Epistle by Ed Williams”

  1. Good review of ‘ChristmaSin’. I have read all of Mr. Williams’ books including this one and found them to be wonderfully told in his own inimitable style. My only disagreement with the reviewer was about the difficulty in understanding his Southern colloquialisms. While I am not from the South and don’t speak that way, I had no problem understanding anything he wrote. When I read, I ‘hear’ the author speaking to me, no matter what it is that I’m reading. He writes the way people speak there and I think the book wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining if he’d written it as a high school English essay with proper grammar and pronounciation.


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      I actually had that problem with my book Bound by Blood: The Awakening, or so my Editor and Constructive Crit partners had me fix. In my mind, the language of the characters speaking could be used throughout the book on everything, but when doing that, it sometimes makes it difficult for all readers to follow. Its one of those things, right or wrong, will always depend on the reader, publisher, and editor. With my work, I have to change it. many writers have to. Just one of those things.


  2. Hello again, Ms. Scarlett ~ It was kind of you to respond to my comment. I wanted to tell you that Mr. Williams had shared your review on a social networking site where he and his posts are very, very popular. Many people disagreed with what you said about the language. That’s how he writes everything and he is probably the most popular person on the site.


    1. Everyone in this business has their own experience Elizabeth and everyone has their own way of writing. Some Publishers allow it, some don’t. If Mr. Williams has had great success with his publishers/followers allowing his style, then that is absolutely incredible.

      My opinion was based off of my own experience and what my Publishers allow.

      The review was based from the Reviewers perspective who lives in Canada. Many people from other countries have a problem reading books having a Southern Voice. I know, I am a Southerner. I can’t even go North without people having a hard time understanding me. It is what it is.

      The review was not meant to harm Mr. Williams but rather give him the opinion of one reader in which we would hope he’d consider next time he sits down to write something even more amazing, because that’s who Writers are trying to reach…readers.

      Take care. And you are welcome, I try to comment to everyone who takes the time to reply here. It would just seem rude not to. Yep, that would be the Southerner in me! lol


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