Top 10 Reasons to be a Druid

Top Ten Reasons to be a Druid:

10) Travel form is awesome! Who doesn’t want to be a cat??

9) You can be a bear when you want to tank, a cat when you want to deal DPS .*

8 ) By turning into a manatee, you can swim underwater without breathing!

7) DoTs ROCK! **

6) Kiting rocks even harder! ***

5) Treeform = excellent healing power.

4) Moonfire, for an early spell, is exceptionally useful.

3) Buffs (especially Thorns) are some of the best!

2) No one else gets a port to Moonglade.

1) Druids make excellent soloists!


If you haven’t figured out by now… this list has absolutely NOTHING to do with *real* Druidry. 😉 I thought we all needed a good laugh, and what better way than to show the pros of being a Druid… in WoW!

* DPS: Damage Per Second

** DoTs: Damage Over Time

*** Kiting is done thusly: DoT, Root, Nuke, DoT, Root, Nuke… rinse and repeat til creature is dead. 😉

~Mychael Black, Bonafide Gaming Addict