The Power of Basil

Lots of gooooooooood stuff and pooooooowah in Basil. It will help you with flatulence (that’s shmancy for gas) and no, I did not mispell poooowah (power) or shmancy (fancy) either *winks*.

But getting back to Basil and how it can wish away stomach upset, relieve you of nasty tension, has antibacterial agents, and EVEN help with insomnia. Bet you didn’t think of that the last time you scooped a fork full of your favorite Italian dish smothered with something- basil, which is usually what tomato dishes use. However, basil goes great with other things like meat, poultry, salads, and soups.

Basil has a secret to its mighty taste and health punch—which triggers the production of saliva which then in turn helps the body digest food more easily. Basil can increase the appetite (great for children or elderly who have lost theirs) and it can help clear the nasal passages of nasty mucus and of disease-ish bacteria. SHAZAM!

How can Basil be so very awesome? Why its because of its many essential oils,  cartotenoids, and folic acids. It contains methyl chavicol –good, good stuff. If you are sprinkling a dried mix, no fear, because even that has calcium, iron, and potassium.

Now, you can DRY Basil by hanging it in a dark cool place or you can FREEZE Basil by pureeing it up in a blender, putting it in a ice cube tray, sprinkle a bit of water, freezing the cubes, them wrap them in a freezer bag and drop a cube for whatever use. You can use fresh basil because its VERY easy to grow on a window seal and will release a nice fragrance throughout the home. Not only will it help purify the air but flies, mosquitoes and nats hate the stuff!

You can make a wine to help with digestion —simply steep a small bunch of fresh basil leaves in a bottle of your favorite white wine for a total of 24 fabulous hours. Strain the greens out, and then pop the wine in the fridge. Every time you eat (preferably after), drink a 4 ounce glass.

To pizzazz your inflaming and irritated bladder or kidneys, pour one cup of piping hot water over 2 teeny weenie tsps of basil and birch leaves. Let that stuff soak for a total of 10 minutes, drink it down 3 times a day until your horrible symptoms disappear.



C.H. Scarlett

4 thoughts on “The Power of Basil”

  1. I LOVE basil, and it IS so easy to grow. Last year my husband built me a raised bed right up next to the garage and I had 2 kinds of basil- Globe basil and one of the purple varieties. I make herb vinegar with basil too. I just stuff a jar half full of both types of basil, add regular vinegar and place the lid on. In about 4 weeks it’s ready to use. It’s SOOOO good on meat, poultry, in dressings. I don’t use fancy jars either; just ones I’ve washed out after emptying.


  2. Oooooooo I am so glad you both dug it. I was trying to do a good article on Basil (more herbs coming) but had worked on a serious manuscript all day yesterday and needed to toss in some fun too lol.

    I tried fresh basil (sweet) last year and was blown away at how different it is from the dried stuff I had bought from the store. I brought the plant in and kept it all through winter but last month it died. Maybe the room it was in got cold and made it hibernate? I am hoping…going to put it out come spring and see if something blossoms again because I am addicted to the stuff now lol.


  3. Basil–huh? Who knew? Well, I didn’t. I have to admit I have a certain problem I’m always complaining about and I never thought of trying basil. LOL

    Excellent, Scarlett. I’m hoping it works because that would be a miracle.


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