Hell Breaking Lose in Haiti

As if an earthquake wasn’t enough for people to suffer…as if losing your home, loved ones, parents, and every item that meant anything to you wasn’t enough. As if starvation, and losing something so simple as walking to the sink and getting a glass of water wasn’t enough to lose….

Now certain religions have raised a violent flag against those, they believe are evil….

Haitians practicing Voodoo.



The video above is said to be Evangelists busting up a harmless Voodoo ritual. It’s rather distressing to me but not unfamiliar by a long shot.


Why has a war between certain kinds of Christians exploded upon Haitians who practice Voodoo?

Well, Pat Robertson’s claims that “Voodoo Haitians  made a pact with the devil and brought the earthquake down upon the others” didn’t help I’m sure. So maybe these violent Christians are only acting out because they follow speakers of hate?

Despite what is driving them, that doesn’t stop the frightening headlines that don’t seem to have a huge spotlight in our media. For instance this one…


Voodooists attacked at ceremony for Haiti victims


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Angry crowds in a seaside slum attacked a group of Voodoo practitioners Tuesday, pelting them with rocks and halting a ceremony meant to honor victims of last month’s deadly earthquake.

Voodooists gathered in Cite Soleil where thousands of quake survivors live in tents and depend on food aid. Praying and singing, the group was trying to conjure spirits to guide lost souls when a crowd of Evangelicals started shouting. Some threw rocks while others urinated on Voodoo symbols. When police left, the crowd destroyed the altars and Voodoo offerings of food and rum. SOURCE


I am not exactly sure why these Evangelists seem to think they can run lose and bring about harm in this way….I am not sure why they would believe its right. But wait…I suppose they believe the ugly words Pat Robertson’s spat forth claiming God is punishing Haiti for being a Godless place…then how does he account that 70% of Haitians which follows his God?


A Haitian Voodoo Priestess Calls for Calm…

CROIX-DES-BOUQUETS, Haiti (Feb. 25) — Voodoo priestess Elsie Théanou Joseph rolls her eyes and lets out a hearty laugh when she is reminded of American Christian televangelist Pat Robertson’s now infamous explanation of the Haitian earthquake as divine retribution.
"He shouldn’t hold one group responsible for this natural catastrophe," Théanou Joseph said, speaking French Creole through a translator, as she stood inside a hand-painted Voodoo temple sitting isolated on a large plot of farmland in Croix-des-Bouquets, a suburb of Port-au-Prince.


A few days after the Jan. 12 earthquake that killed more than 222,000 people, Robertson said Haitians need to have "a great turning to God," having been "cursed by one thing after another" since they "swore a pact to the devil" to gain their freedom in a slave revolt more than 200 years ago.
After evangelicals attacked a voodoo ceremony in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Cité Soleil this week, Max Beauvoir, supreme head of the Voodoo religion in Haiti, raised the prospect of "open war" between proselytizing Christians and Voodooists, according to Agence France-Presse. He claimed further that some evangelicals are using food aid to "buy souls" and steer adherents away from Voodoo.



I think these people causing violence need to practice a little responsibility and intelligence.

They need to stop BLAMING anyone who is different, who thinks differently, for an act of nature.

They need to stop being prejudice and selfish with funds, which were meant to help people in Haiti—by refusing to give to those not of their religions.

They need to love their brother and their sister, no matter what their faith.

They need to ban together, and help rebuild what has been lost. ONLY then will they make their gods proud…because whose to say that this happened to stir so much chaos except for evil Pat Robertson? Maybe this was a sign of their God to stop HATING others so much. If I had to look into this incident and find a sign…I could find much more positive ones than what trash Pat Robertson vomits up.

Stop being sheep….love your brother no matter what his religion and or race…listen to what your Jesus saysespecially about following false prophets.


Jesus taught love….LOVE….no matter who it is….LOVE them.


C.H. Scarlett

Being a writer

I’ve been watching an interesting debate unfold on an egroup, about whether role play gaming is a productive thing for an author to do. Some folks, myself included, think yes. Others feel it wastes time, and distracts from the important business of Being A Writer.

As bardcraft is an important part of the Druid tradition, I’ve spent a fair while talking with other folks about what a bard needs to do, in order to truly walk that path. Creative expression is a big part of it, of course. However, there was agreement that it takes more than making things, to be a bard. I think it also calls for more than spending time writing to be a good author. You have to live, experience and explore in order to have stories to tell.

For a bard, listening is a vital skill. We listen to the music, songs, poetry and stories of fellow bards, and we learn from them. We listen to the words of the people around us, and the truths that come from their hearts, even if they aren’t beautifully presented. We listen to the wind, the songs of birds, the whispers of the ancestors and the cries of the future being born.

 We listen to the silence.

To my mind, writing (and any other creative expression) should not be about separating yourself from the world. Paganism is all about embracing life, in all its richness, and any practise that isolates us, is at odds with that spiritual dimension. Writing should be an act of engagement.

Therefore, I must argue, any kind of experience or pursuit is a valid one, for the bard and author both. Not just valid, but necessary. We need to be out in the world, listening, experiencing, feeling and thinking. And no one should spend their days sat at a computer, tapping out words to the exclusion of all else. That isn’t living, it isn’t honouring nature within us.

If you want to be an author, take some time to live, in the manner of your choosing. There is far more to being an author than that part of the process involving crafting things out of words.