Pagan Holidays for 25, 26, 27, 28, 2010

Before I type up the Holidays…did anyone notice our new banner? That was donated to us by Pagan Artist Tom Brown….AND he is going to lend me some of his work to make some desktop calendars for everyone!!!!!! So go track Tom down, and stalk his art—he is just too cool to us.



Now for those holidays…..


February 25th Thursday

The Egyptians made this day sacred to their Goddess Nut. Nut happens to be the Mistress of the stars (sky), planets, and the great mother of Ra (the sun).

February 26th Friday

Something we don;t hear about often and that’s the Persian Ancient Culture. I think that’s rather sad since they were actually descendants, or so I read, of the mighty Aryan race—(not to be confused with what Hitler was going for)—no, this race was BAD—as in no one wanted to muck with them and EVERYONE of power, eventually kept trying to claim lineage to them—or so that’s where my reading got me.

So with that being said, today in Ancient Persian cultures, we would be honoring Mihr—whom the ancient Greeks and Romans adopted (because the deity was THAT old and sacred) and renamed as Mithras.

Mihr is a God of morality and of agreement—he was believed to be the very force that bound certain civilizations together. Later, he came to represent light and early wisdom—and the God certain cultures thanked for concurring the demons who dwelled in the sinister darkness.


February 27th Saturday

Does anyone dig horse races? Well, today in Ancient Roman times was known as Equirria and it was all racing horses—dedicated to the God Mars (shouting out a big HEY to the month of March soon approaching) who stood for war and agriculture. (you know those Romans LOVED big celebrations)


Now also mark your calendars because Tyr –the half-rune-month begins today—Tyr represents self-discipline and  sacrifice in order to achieve and desired end.

February 28th Sunday

We bid February good-bye—but what better way to send her off than to celebrate Day of Merriddyn with the Welsh. Does everyone reading know who he is? I bet you do, and maybe you don’t realize it….Merriddyn is Merlin—only he was a very real man who had visions and known to be a wild man of the woods. He even wrote his prophecies and books down—but the Church destroyed them.


We get to shout out to ANOTHER Persian Goddess as well, named Zamyaz. She is in charge of the earth and all forces of wondrous nature!!!!!!!!!!!!

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