March 2010 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar!!!!!!

I’ve got a HUGE treat for everyone. If you like the art used for March’s calendar, (below) then watch for the next post where you can get it without the Calendar portion.

Now for our preview for March!!!!!!!!!!

*drum roll* please!


Also, do NOT right click and save the preview above—it will not look good on your desktop since the size is too small.

For sizes, scroll after reading info listed below…

I have been freezing my fanny off! What about you? So this month, I decided to heat things up especially since Spring Equinox will be hitting us and hopefully, bringing with it some WARMER weather!

Anyway, if you dig the fiery setting above, then you can thank Wyntress Nyght’s Supernatural Crack because I used the art that went into making her cover.

Now for the sizes:

Pick the size below that you want—click the link and you will be taken to my Photobucket album where you can RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE. Once you save it to your computer, simply go into the file you have it, right click again and choose SET AS DESKTOP WALLPAPER.

Or you click START, SETTINGS, CONTROL Panel, and go into your desktop from there, manually putting it on.

Let me know if you like these so I can make sure to create more next month (with different art of course). Oh, and you add your own calendar info to these AND can share ALL you want…just make sure to share the originals, ok? Thank you so much!

Also, if your desktop size is not below, and its a common one I’ve missed, shout at me, so I can start making those sizes.

Notice the flaming moon art announcing moon phases. I just loved those!

1680 x 1050

1024 x 768

1280 x 800

800 x 600

Also take note, since I am making so many of these now, I have made a new category for them—Desktop Wallpapers—but only this month will be under there since the category is new.

C.H. Scarlett

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