Please Help!

Bear with me, this one rambles…  writing it became a process that changed what I thought I was doing. 

I commented last week, when I’m writing non-pagan characters I’m entirely easy with urban settings.

Starting next Friday (26th February) my dark, paranormal erotic series Heaven And Hell kicks off at The first instalment – Sinners – introduces a night club in the middle of Birmingham, and some of the strange folk who hang out there. With lesbian werewolves, psychic vampires, and other, more peculiar folk, the nightclub Heaven and Hell is a curious place.

Is there a pagan connection? Well, yes there is.

At least, that’s what I thought. I had a very clear image in my head of a wall, in a building that was interpreted as a temple. On the wall, shapes that looked like breasts, and protruding from the breasts where the nipples should be, animal jaws. I had it in my head that this was a scene from Catal Huyuk, an ancient city in what is now Turkey. Can I find it online? Can I hell. I went back to the book I thought I’d got it from… and it isn’t there.

I could have sworn I’d first encountered reference to this in Hutton’s The Triumph of The Moon when he talks about Gimbutas and challenges some of her interpretations. Can I find my copy of The Triumph of The Moon. No.

Did I dream it? Has my strange and convoluted mind come up with this? Where the HELL did I get this image from? I based a character on it! Surely it came from somewhere?

If you know, or better still can find me an image, please leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Please Help!”

  1. My first mental image was of Giger’s work, always worth a Google Images. Could not see anything exactly like how you describe though. Also thought of Bosch, lots of odd characters there. And Jake and Dinos Chapman. I’ve packed my copy of Triumph else I’d grab it and look it up for you! On a slightly related note I started to think about Vagina Dentata, and came across a reference to a German punk singer called Nina Hager who used to perfrom with a wolf’s head strapped to her crotch.


  2. Tom, am pretty sure you’ve found what I was thinking of, thanks (a relief to know I am not losing the marbles).

    Jay, yes it is a touch Geiger and you went down the same line of thought as me with the vagina dentata stuff. 🙂 I like the wolf’s head.


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