Urban Action

 Here’s a few thoughts of ways in which city living can be made more pagan.

Re-cycle/freecycle – with more people around, it’s easier to find homes for stuff you don’t need, and companies who can reuse your junk.

Ditch the car. Cities tend to have decent public transport systems. Look for bicycle routes, and canal towpaths (in the UK) as good ways of getting around. Support pedestrian only zones – they’re quieter, safer and far nicer to be in.

Support urban tree planting. Trees are so good for cities. They improve the view, provide shade, and can reduce noise pollutions and air pollution as well. Arguably, trees planted in cities make more difference to more people’s lives than ones planted out on the wilds, where trees are much more able to propagate themselves anyway.

Support ethical traders, and local diversity. So many of our shopping centres and high streets look the same. What makes yours different? That’s the stuff you need to be taking care of.

Support street art, busking and other random forms of creativity. Throw a few pennies in the hat, and encourage bard craft in urban spaces. Nothing cheers up a grim urban space like a bit of live performance and creativity.

Go on a litter pick. Keep urban green spaces free from rubbish.

Grow something. Anything. Even if its’ just a pot plant by your door. It all helps. Very small green spaces connecting to each other can create green corridors for wildlife to get about.

Support your community, whatever form that happens to take. Be part of where you live. Cities can be isolating, anonymous places where people fear each other. The smallest gestures can make the most enormous differences. As pagans, we serve the gods and the ancestors in part by serving those around us.

2 thoughts on “Urban Action”

  1. My city has horrible transportation so I drive.
    I plan my route first, so I don’t waste gas or time. I try to limit errands and do as many as possible per week.
    I’ve returned to school and two of my classes are online.

    When spring eventually arrives, I hope to plant some herbs in clay pots. Currently, I have rosemary in my front yard close to the porch. (Fresh rosemary is heavenly.) At the side of the my house I have aloe vera and roses.

    I reuse paper and plastic bags and try to remember to use the special bags the stores have for groceries.

    I’m doing my best to help and looking for other ways to improve.



  2. Oooooooooooo they have those nifty GREEN lights or UV light lamps now that sit on your kitchen counter or wherever so you can grow things. I want one for herbs. I have a window in my kitchen but half way through winter my dang herbs die.


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