Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays for February 18, 19, 20, 21


27183 February 18th

Good-bye to Parentalia –the six day Observance for Parents (the Manes) who have passed. The temple is shut down and all marriages forbidden.


An Observance for for women—celebrating the rites of Fertility called Spenta Armaiti will be celebrated in Ancient Persia today.


The Celtic Tree Month of Nuin Begins

February 19th

The Roman Goddess named Minerva was born today, so the Gods and Goddesses will be throwing down and having one Hades of a good time where ever they are. *sings its your birthday!*


Goddess Month of Bridhe Ends

February 20th

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Today in Ancient Rome was once of silence—honoring and doing rites for Dea Tacita—their Goddess of quiet. It’s a good thing because I have a feeling after Minerva’s birthday party, they are probably all hung over anyway—and who wants noise during a HANGOVER?


The Egyptians aren’t going to be quiet, though, because today in their Ancient calendar is a festival for their God Min. He just so happens to be one of the earliest fertility Gods. So calling all wanna-be Daddies—call on out to Min for he is said to have the power to give MEN the power to father children.


The Goddess Month of Moura Begins today.

February 21

Today in Ancient Egypt is the Day of Counting the Parts of the Eye of Horus according to Pagan Daybook. The sun and moon are said to be his eyes so how appropriate that today (Eastern) is the First Quarter—half moon symbol.


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