Urban & Rural Pagan Issues : Where do you go to find Pagan News & Politics?

Today I attempted to Google Pagan ‘News’, Pagan ‘Issues’, Pagan ‘Headlines’ and came up sadly disappointed. This site is closed, however, the links under that boggled my mind a bit—bible, churches, real estate–what? lol What does that have to do with Pagan ‘NEWS’?

I found this site  but it seems to be linked to blogs which postings may vary and not really what I was looking for. I was hoping to find ‘news’, ‘headlines’ something of interest to Pagans. Yes, I could scan CNN, Yahoo, and whatever other news sources are out there, but who has the time? Why can’t I get it all in one place–through a feed, through something?

I know I won’t be flipping on the TV anytime soon to tune into my favorite Pagan channel for the evening Pagan News with Pagan News team—so why can’t I get it on the internet?

Or is it out there and I am just not seeing it?

Well I didn’t see this either…did you?

I missed this issue  (United’s Pagan Problem)…a Pagan/Druid Vet in a wheel chair harassed at an airline employee for his beliefs. I’m sure a Vet who fought for us sure needed our support. But I missed it because unfortunately, there is no dependable news feed for us.

By the way…the closet thing I have found that has SOME things is this…

The Wild Hunt & now they have a site called Pagan + Politics.

To my pleasure, I did not have to click through the neck deep ads of 900 number psychics and mediums to find some Pagan related news articles.

That brings me to another question…


We have so many Urban and Rural Pagans out there—I heard all of you shout out especially during the last presidential elections—but now it seems we have hit a dead silence again….

Are there any Pagans out there running for office? Are there any Pagan News sites informing us of issues from a Pagan perspective? Or, do Pagans no longer care? Surely we are not just concerned with ‘Green’ issues. Surely no one wants us to be confused with the 900 number Psychic and Mediums ads. Surely we have a say about other numerous issues, Congress, Laws, Economics, Science, etc—especially if we are paying taxes and so forth.


So what is your opinion…where do you go….what do you know? Let us at the Pagan and Pen know…. would ya? lol

Most Pagans I know are very unhappy with the world, with Governments, with the way things have been and are….

So what are we doing to change it? I know we aren’t a bunch of complainers sitting on our rumps whining….we are get-out-there-and-do-it Pagans….but what are we doing??? Drop me a comment and let me know!!!!


C.H. Scarlett

3 thoughts on “Urban & Rural Pagan Issues : Where do you go to find Pagan News & Politics?”

  1. I usually check out Witchvox.com if I want to find the latest happenings in news from a Pagan perspective. They don’t write news reports themselves but members submit news from their local area and then other members give their take on it.


  2. The Pagan Federation used to be pretty good at publishing local news for member in the UK. http://www.druidnetwork.org often carries links to pagan related stuff in the media. After that it tends to be about social netowrking, egroups and so on. I’m on an egroup for local pagans (there’s a lot of those out there) and I get local pagan relevant news that ways – some of it political. The open gorsedd I’m part of has some 50 people on its egroup, most of whom are local. News comes through that sometimes. White Dragon used to carry news items, but it’s been quiet for a while. Witchvox isn’t bad. If you have formal news systems, you have control and authorityy, something many pagans resist. Informal networks, depending on people talking to each other, do exist, and do work. They jsut take a bit of finding.


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