What Happened to Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura?

Conspiracy Theory was a new show aired on Tru TV, hosted by ex-Governor & wrestler Jesse Ventura. Jesse went around investigating various Conspiracy theories believed to be set forth by our Government, all Governments, Pharmaceutical companies, World Bankers and rich elite known as the Bilderburg Group, and so more.

I watched the show with interest as Jesse went after 911 rumors and conspiracies, which by the way, made me think, hmmm, maybe there is something to this. He went after conspiracy theories such as how a ‘Shadow Government’ or Puppet Masters wish to wipe out 70/80 percent of the world population by a Virus, or other means. He even hunted down underground facilities in which the Government has built to insure their safety and whoever they choose, because they know ‘something’ is going to happen. He spoke to Doctors and experts about the funky stuff put in our food, water, and prescriptions—and what the funk is supposed to do to us. Jesse even went to the ex-military man that the movie : The Men Who Stare At Goats was based on.

Yes, there was very little Jesse didn’t go after in his mission to find the truth….until the show just up and disappeared, that is.

All over the internet, people struggled to find out just what happened to Jesse and his show???? They thought maybe the government forced him off the air or that someone silenced him.

I even had to wonder  when Thursdays rolled around, but there was no Jesse. I checked the web site, nothing. I checked blogs, nothing. Nothing official was announced, building the suspense.

So what happened?

No conspiracy here, folks…the season just ended. Since it was its first run, there was only 6 or so shows planned. Or so that is the word as of today. If you liked the show, though, then make sure there is a second season by contacting the network and screaming for more!!!


Did you watch Conspiracy Theory and if so, what did YOU think?



C.H. Scarlett

149 thoughts on “What Happened to Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura?”

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  2. hope they bring this show back, my husband and i miss seeing jessie laying it all out to the world. kudos to you jessie.


  3. True tv has gone down hill as many other tv stations, showing a unstable greedy pawn shop disfunctional family w/issues to crazy repo people weighing 300 lbs towing some vehicle out under the owner’s lot…That’s not entertainment! The best thing they had going for them was Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy theory that proved just by the fact they no longer air the show that what Jessie was warning us was true and not just in “theory”!
    Too much information for public knowledge was a series ender from some big shots in high places? Pulling the plug just shown their guilt!
    Sorry Jessie at least you tried? Hoping one day your President?
    Linda ❤


    1. It does make you wander. I just got a petition from Change.org concerning a woman- a single mom- who went to work for McDonalds somewhere in PA. They refused to give her, her paycheck as direct deposite or check. Instead, they paid employees through debit cards. These cards had insane fees. One fee for even withdrawing money and another fee just for inactivity….just to name two. When the mother was done paying all the fees, she was making less than min. Wage. I thought about Jesse’s show then. I believe there was a theory about money or something. Chilling.


  4. I loved that show and I would love for it to come back on. The fact of the matter is u have to keep a open mind about the show. For people like me I didn’t find alot of the things on the show weard just scary. What if it is true where is Jesse Ventura and why isn’t there another show like this one. There are some things that people want and need to know.


  5. There is a very fine line between crazy and stupid. At least from what I have read here. I love Jesse’s show. I hope that wiser people are watching it. John Schlarb, When you regurgitate inaccurate information, you are only part of the problem. Most of what you wrote is unproved garbage. Please stop adding to the problem.


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