What Happened to Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura?

Conspiracy Theory was a new show aired on Tru TV, hosted by ex-Governor & wrestler Jesse Ventura. Jesse went around investigating various Conspiracy theories believed to be set forth by our Government, all Governments, Pharmaceutical companies, World Bankers and rich elite known as the Bilderburg Group, and so more.

I watched the show with interest as Jesse went after 911 rumors and conspiracies, which by the way, made me think, hmmm, maybe there is something to this. He went after conspiracy theories such as how a ‘Shadow Government’ or Puppet Masters wish to wipe out 70/80 percent of the world population by a Virus, or other means. He even hunted down underground facilities in which the Government has built to insure their safety and whoever they choose, because they know ‘something’ is going to happen. He spoke to Doctors and experts about the funky stuff put in our food, water, and prescriptions—and what the funk is supposed to do to us. Jesse even went to the ex-military man that the movie : The Men Who Stare At Goats was based on.

Yes, there was very little Jesse didn’t go after in his mission to find the truth….until the show just up and disappeared, that is.

All over the internet, people struggled to find out just what happened to Jesse and his show???? They thought maybe the government forced him off the air or that someone silenced him.

I even had to wonder  when Thursdays rolled around, but there was no Jesse. I checked the web site, nothing. I checked blogs, nothing. Nothing official was announced, building the suspense.

So what happened?

No conspiracy here, folks…the season just ended. Since it was its first run, there was only 6 or so shows planned. Or so that is the word as of today. If you liked the show, though, then make sure there is a second season by contacting the network and screaming for more!!!


Did you watch Conspiracy Theory and if so, what did YOU think?



C.H. Scarlett

Up & Coming Paranormal/Horror Shows & Movies

I love BBC. Can I just say that? Even though I am an American, I stalk that channel like nobodies business. I haven’t gotten the chance lately, though, because of my long, crazy hours of work…but last night I caught some great up and coming stuff that peaked my interest.


If you are into the whole ‘virus’ changing the face of the world storyline, then Saturday (tonight) February 13th 8/7 central—BBC is starting a new series called Survivor. The time begins in our age, taking place after a viral disease wipes out most of the population. Funny how so many shows are harping on that lately…and then with our own concerns of Swine Flu, Biological Warfare, and so forth. Is someone trying to tell us something?


If viruses and survival isn’t your cup of tea, then BBC has other shows beginning first or new seasons, or reruns of Paranormal interest, such as Demons, Primeval, Being Human, Hex, Torchwood, Dr. Who, and many others. Yep, BBC is kickin’ some major butt concerning the Paranormal.


Now in the states and other places, STARZ has a kickin’ series that just started called Spartacus : Blood & Sand. I’ve been watching this every Friday night and love it. If you dig movies like 300—blood, battling, erotica romance—then you will probably love this show.  We see the proper and not so proper side of Ancient Rome—the pits of the underworld, the life of a slave and how the upper class struggles to remain so. We see what its like to be a Gladiator, and to have the rich and powerful take everything away from you. And we see how far one will go to take it back.


Up and Coming movies I am VERY interested in— The Wolf Man (2010). Who is ready for this remake? I think its going to be awesome and why wouldn’t it with such a strong supporting cast? There is very little Anthony Hopkins does that leaves me disappointed.


For more Up & Coming Horror and Fantasy type film—I found this cool site. So Check it Out!


Let us know if you have watched any of these or do—and what YOU thought of them!


C.H. Scarlett