Urban Paganism: Safety in the City

DARKANGEL33 We hear about it on the news. We see movies based on it on Lifetime & Women Channels. We cry when the victims fill the talk show studios. We even hold the hand of a sister or fellow brother who has went through it first hand.

Yet we never believe  it could easily happen to us….


But it can, and it does.

So before someone’s ignorance or crime affects you, there are some precautions when moving to the big city or populated areas.


1. When you move into a new house or apartment, change the locks. Add chains, dead bolts, or whatever to the doors. Make sure the window locks work and if they don’t ride someone’s butt until they get fixed. In fact, see to it that these things are done before your move in date—and get it in writing.  If you are seeing someone and it goes bad, get the key back and still….change the locks. My best friend lived with a girl and when it was over, she left. A year later, she got hard up for cash, took her old key, broke in, and stole all his stuff—or tried—luckily my friend had a nosey neighbor. Still, you never know, so keep locks changed.

2. Never, ever, ever meet up with people online that you do not know  alone. Always meet in a public place. I don’t care if they own a 1000 year old famous Church of Isis—until you know them in and out…don’t be stupid.

3. Look into self defense classes (even if you are a guy) buy some mace, pepper spray…—MAKE SURE WHATEVER means of defense you buy or get, you also get proper training and so forth. I am not just talking about guns….that goes for tazers, pepper spray or even whistles or screamers. They will do you no good if you spray yourself.

4. If you have to work late….then let a security guard or walk with friends to your car, bus stop, or until you catch a cab or get on the subway. Travel in packs and groups.

5. Be smart. Don’t walk into the dark alley if you have chills jumping up and down your spine. Hell, don’t go into the dark alley even if you have a fever of 103.  If you wake up at 2 in the morning feeling the urge to do a ritual in the dark and creepy park—don’t go running off with your candles and incense. I am sure the Goddess or God won’t care if you wait until a safer time.

6. Watch your drinks. We often go to bars or clubs, drinking and having a great time and think nothing of it when we leave a drink with a guy we have been dating  or even with other girls. My friend dated a guy for 3 weeks straight and that didn’t stop him from slipping a drug into her drink when she left it with him as she fled to the dance floor with girl friends. She ended up in the emergency room. Another friend had some girls dump some yuck into her drink just for ‘kicks’. And at one bar I used to go to—the bouncer was slipping stuff into drinks. So watch your drinks, and to be smart—never leave them —take them with you.

7. If it feels weird—then don’t go with it. So what if nothing happens and that bad feeling was wrong—better safe than sorry.

8. Be careful of cult-like-scenes or things which do not add up on the ‘normal’ calculator. A friend of mine and her cousin started going to a bar back in the early 90’s hitting the Vampire scene. Her cousin hooked up with a so-called coven of Vampires who eventually took her back to the ‘master’s’ house. They gave her blood through a needle (the new age way to turn someone).  The next day she woke up having withdrawals, sensitivity to sunlight, unable to eat foods, pain, migraine, etc. She actually believed she was turning into a Vampire. More like a drug addict since the blood was mixed with herein.

9. Go ahead and work your spells and magic of protection on your home and yourself—but don’t depend on them. I could be covered from head to toe in a bullet proof invisible spell but you won’t see my sorry butt running into the line of fire. Cover your butt and take lots of steps to protect.

10. If you know of ways to be safe or things to look out for, please comment and tell us.

These things are not meant to scare but prepare you. Whether you are a man or a woman—moving to populated areas can be unsafe.

C.H. Scarlett

2 thoughts on “Urban Paganism: Safety in the City”

    1. Drinks are something we hear about but never think happens around us. I learned that the hard way and I don’t live in a big city where things like that happen. I had to take notice ,though, years ago, that it does happen….it’s just that where I live, we still have things no one ‘talks’ about. Anyway, there is no harm in being safe and when people get out there having a good time, its usually the first thing we forget to do.


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