Pagan Holidays for February 8, 9, 10, 2010

Daughter of Kings for the web 2

Who’s ready for the Pagan Holidays? Let me first bring attention to our Pagan Artist of the Month Neil Geddes Ward. Another example of his dazzling art to our left. This piece actually reminds me of my friend Sammie….might have to drag her over here to take a look.

February 8th–Monday

Ok, enough is enough…lets get down to it! Jumping the dimensional fence, stepping back in time, we see that in Classical Greece, they are having yet another fabulous festival in honor of Artemis—daughter of Zeus and Latona.

Now while Artemis will be taking her bow hunting the monsters of darkness and bringing sudden death to all those who are wicked, Dionysus will be taking a bow under the same culture since today will also be sacred unto him—called Anthestaria. Kind of ironic isn’t it that the Greeks will give a festival for a Goddess who is all about chastity and protection during child birth while celebrating one of their favorite Gods of Lust, love, and good times!

February 9th—Tuesday

The Greeks are celebrating AGAIN as today belongs to their God Apollo. They will have another grand  festival celebrating the increasing light coming to the New Year once the dark of winter takes her final bow for now.

Over in Norse-land, they are having an observance for Sunna, who happens to be their Goddess of the Sun. The Germans know her as Frau Sonne, as everyone will be celebrating their own version of Light returning with the coming march of spring.

Hoping over into Egypt where it seems the sun never retires except for night, today is the Day of the Unseen in the Underworld and all celebrations will be steering their glorious attention towards that!

February 10th—Wednesday

The Celts are having their famous celebrations during a Festival to honor the God Teutates—the master of battle and patron of fertility. Teutates means God of the Tribe and his reputation wasn’t always the best depending on who the believers were. While the Celts (Irish and Scots) held him high, the Romans described him as being mean and savage.

See everyone on Thursday for the next round of Pagan Days!!!!

C.H. Scarlett

Want more?

Here’s the days of the week and what they mean….

Monday (moon day) is the day of the Moon Goddess, Selene, Luna, & Mani.


Mondays are an awesome day to take care of matters or magical rituals and spells concerning:

Traveling, memory, one’s instinct, sharpening or increasing Psychic abilities, dreams, healing, home, ancestors and of course, family.


Monday belongs to the Moon and the Element of Water


Tuesday belongs to Mars, Ares, Tiwaz, Tiw (named after), Tuisco & Tyr

As Tuesday belongs not only to the God Mars, but also to the Planet of Mars, we can toss the Element of Fire into the mix ,and have the makings of a very heated and passionate day!

So if you don’t have anyone to vent those wild emotions out on, don’t fret because you can point them into the direction of matters or magical rituals and spells concerning:

anything having to do with marriage, money or wealth, loyalty, enemies, protection, confidence for yourself or another, and of course, courage!

The moon phase for today is:

~Waxing Crescent~

What do you know, the Waxing Crescent is for magic concerning love, wealth, success, friendship, luck or health.


Wednesday is the day of Woden.

Woden is the God of knowledge, enlightenment, wisdom, & war.

Some believe Woden is also Odin—God of the Norse.

Matters & Magical Workings For Wednesday

Today is a good day to deal with matters or rituals and spells concerning anything business. Or perhaps some sort of communication. Maybe debt—something we all have these days, or what about  fear and or possibly loss? Matters or magic concerning money, or work, some type of travel. And then there’s education.

Planets and Elements

Mercury and the element Air

One thought on “Pagan Holidays for February 8, 9, 10, 2010”

  1. Ok you peaked my interest so I came and took a look at the picture. I can see the eyes are the Loved reading about the Greeks and thier constant partying. I’d love to be Greek at least for this week anyway…a girl loves a great party! lol


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