Pagan Holidays for February 4, 5, 6, 7, 2010

(I have a snow storm going on here so let’s hope this post makes it!!!!)

February 4th

Today in Celtic lore is something called King Frost day. The fun would be had in areas where there were frozen lakes, rivers, ponds of ice. A huge feast would be prepared with lots of warm beverages!!!!

February 5th

In Norse culture, there was a Goddess named Wyrd. She had 3 sisters and together, they could view the past, present and future. This meant Wyrd had the power to decide a man’s fortune. Today is special because the Norse could call out to her asking for a prosperous year.

In Rome, much the same thing was going on except concerning their Goddess Fortuna who was of luck and fertility.

In Egypt, the Birthday of Apophis, or Apep, is today although no one dared to celebrate it because this God was believed to be the destroyer of the world, adversary of Ra, and the evil incarnate. Every single day when Ra takes his sun boat into the heavens, Apophis attempts to swallow him up. It is said we know when he succeeds because on such days we see a solar eclipse. Egyptian mythology says that Apophis existed in the time before the world was created as a giant serpent swimming throughout the waters of Chaos. Whether Apep was truly the embodiment of evil or not is unknown—since Ra’s priests brought him into being after deciding Ra needed a few struggles in the underworld. lol I only say this because we shouldn’t forget that the Serpent was a popular Underworld symbolism, being the Dominion or realm of darkness made up of chambers and so forth.

In Roman Calendar, today marks the Nones of February

February 6th–

The Greeks will be holding a festival of Aphrodite today—their goddess of Luuuuuuuuuurve!

February 7th–

We will give today to Selene and Diana who belongs to the Greek and Roman pantheon. Mostly admired by women worshipers, they are patrons of hunting and the moon, among other things.

The great festival going down in Athens was known as The Festival of Wild Women. History tells us it had a tendency to be just that—lots of orgies, drinking, partying, and living on the…well wild side!.

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