What is an urban pagan?

I’ve been thinking about this post while clearing out dead brush from a hard freeze in Central Florida. Am I an urban Pagan? Well, I am fortunate enough to have a house—a tiny 2 bedroom set amidst the sprawl of Orlando. My yard is about as small as it legally can be and still qualify as an individual lot. And on a winter day, like today, I hear a constant hum of traffic from toll road a couple miles from the house. Years ago I used to pass a field of cows on my way to work. That’s now a subdivision and I dodge construction barricades on my way just about anywhere. The last time I gazed up at a night sky full of stars was the night Hurricane Charlie knocked out all the power in the area. He also took out most of my garden and actually dropped a neighbor’s tree upside down into their above ground swimming pool. If I’m not an urban Pagan, I’m on the edges of urban-ness.

None of this brings to mind the vision of the old cottage witch wild crafting herbs by moonlight. The problem is that sometimes we get stuck in our vision of what we think we should be and forget to look at what we have. See, I have this vision of being Miss Marple and living in a little English cottage, preferably thatched, where I spend my day sipping tea and solving the occasional village murder. Okay, maybe not the murder part, except fictionally. Otherwise it’s a bit tough on the village. But I want the cottage and the garden! I want foxgloves to grow in my garden. They melt during Florida summers. Florida doesn’t seem very Pagan. But Florida is where of my British friends come to escape the English weather. It seems a human condition to not always appreciate where we are.

This year, part of my daily meditations are simply to appreciate the space I have been given on this earth, regardless of size, location, lack of foxgloves or abundance of mosquitoes. This is a good year for re-examining things in my life since last year I went through a major job upheaval and I’m now working a new job and a new lifestyle with more writing and less stress. Throughout the year, I’ll be blogging my thoughts and experiences as I go through my journey and garden quest. I won’t promise major revelations on life, the garden and Paganism. Just the musings of a simple garden witch.

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