2010 February Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

Here ya go!!!! It’s the Desktop Wallpaper for February/2010. These are free…I make them for my computer as a hobby and wanted to share them with all our fabulous followers showing my appreciation!!!!!

You can share these AND you can add your own info, but please, when sharing, share the original.


Preview: (Do not save the Preview. Will not look right when stretched.)

Just click on the size below and it will take you to my online album. From there, right click and save as.

Desktop Size 1680×1050

Desktop Size 1024×768

Desktop Size 800×600

All, if any, artists used (their names are on their piece of art). So if you like them, please hunt them down and buy their stuff!!!!!

Let us know if you enjoy them!!!!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “2010 February Desktop Wallpaper Calendar”

  1. Wow C.H.,
    Another fantastic desktop calendar. I can’t tell you how much I love these and look forward to them every month.
    Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us.
    Huge thank you and much love,


  2. Oh wow, making my day. You bet Connie….since people are enjoying them, I will try to keep making them.

    lol Marie, so glad you are getting use out of it. They are worthless if folks don’t.


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