Women and Paganism

Since this is women’s issues month, I thought I would post something on why women are drawn to paganism.

For me it was about finding a religion that treated everyone as equals. I was raised Catholic and as a kid I attended church on Sunday and Bible classes. What bothered me was that women in the Bible were treated badly. They were placed on a lower level than men and if they did rebel, they were called harlots. Women in the Bible were at the mercy of their fathers or husbands and could be punished for small offenses, or worse, killed by being stoned to death. This bothered me, but I did not know about other religions until I got older.

I left the Catholic Church when I was old enough to make my own decisions. I just could not be part of a religion that treated women like lower beings. It was wrong to me, but I still did not know what I wanted. It was not until I was in my early thirties that I met someone who opened my mind to other religions. She taught me that pagans are not Devil worshippers like I was led to believe. It was a spiritual awakening for me and I read books on the subject to learn more. I was attracted to paganism mainly because of its equality. There are gods and goddesses, each equally powerful. Women and men are treated in the same way. I also think the earth based religions bring out that nurturing aspect that most women possess. There is respect for fellow humans and all creatures as well as respect for the earth. And why should worshipping be confined to a church? To me, an outside setting is much more closer to the gods.

I have a feeling of freedom that I did not have in the Catholic Church. I also like that one on one connection with higher powers that you do not have in a church setting where a priest is between you and the higher power. That was another thing that bothered me about the Catholic Church—women are forbidden to be priests.

Most women want to be in control of their own lives, to make their own decisions and not be limited to the rules of an oppressive religion that favors men. I have nothing against men. I just want to be treated as an equal, to have a voice when it comes to connecting with the higher powers of the universe. With paganism I found that necessary balance that I needed in my life.

Kelley Heckart

‘Timeless tales of romance, conflict & magic’







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