Books for Sale

This week is the last stretch of the January Sale. Right now, EVERYTHING on the website is 25% reduced. Which means that the shortest stories can be bought for a mere $1.50. The entire lyd ebook catalogue is yours to rampage through. (Print books have to be bought through amazon and aren’t part of the sale.)

Which makes it a great time to pick up M King’s Traveller’s Tales series – now that the final installment is out. The Green Man, The Golden Horse, The Gypsy and The Witch, White Stones, and The Gypsy’s Fiddle are all available in ebook. The series of linked by theme – gypsy folkloe and gay romance, so you can read them in any order. I promsie you, these are beautiful books. M King is a pagan author and her understanding of folklore makes the magical realism captivating.

You might also want to look up Sarah Head (Closing the Circle, The Lady and the Bull, and others) and Jeanette Stevens (From Both Sides of Darkness) for more sensuous pagan writing.

Fellow Pagan and Pen bloggers Nix Winter and Adrianne Brennan both have work at lyd too.

I have quite a bit of overtly pagan material over there – A Gift of the Goddess, The Warrior Vision, Enchanted Waters, Living Dangerously, Hunting the Egret, The White Hare’s Lament, and Headf*ck all have pagan characters and themes.


Do drop by and grab yourself a bargain, and make sure you check out the free reads (listed under extras).

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