Book Review: Shell Shocked by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks

shellshocked Title: Shell Shocked

Author: Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks

Author Site

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Publisher: Juniper Gardens Press

Genre: GLBT, Romance, PTSD discussion, Paganism

Length – # OF PAGES: 130

Other: M/M * Light Spanking


Author Pagan & Pagan Elements: Yes/Yes

Card Rating: – 4 Tarots &  **Reviewer Top Pick**

Reviewed by: Jes L’Heureux



About The Book:

Sean Dempsey came home from Iraq with artificial knees, scorched retinas and a lot of baggage. He supplements his disability checks with money made writing romance novels under a female pseudonym, ironic as he has grown very nervous around women since a certain suicide bomber. When he meets Gabriel Herne, legless phone psychic, the sparks startle him. It’s everything he’s written about and never believed.

Swept into a whirlwind romance, Sean has to learn about his newfound bisexuality and his lover’s pagan faith at the same time. And when he has a religious experience of his own, he discovers everything changes in its time, just like the Wheel of the Year.

The Review:

This is an excellent tale woven by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks that focuses on war vet Sean Dempsey who has returned home from Iraq with destroyed knees, eyes and PTSD. Throughout the story, Sean is faced with the challenges of living with PTSD and a severe addiction to Valium, which is lessoned when he adds Gabriel Herne to his life. Gabriel “Gabe” Herne is a paraplegic phone psychic who meets Sean through the same clinic and introduces him back into the world.

The story unfolds as Sean deals with his PTSD and new relationship, learning about his bisexuality and about his lover’s faith. Ms. Sparrow and Brooks creates a very believable world and characters where the reader is learning alongside, as well as feeling Sean’s pain and Gabe’s frustrations as they work through each event in their lives.

What I found interesting about this book is that the story is one that could be happening right now, talking about the mundane day to day that we all go through; the struggles of being poor in this current economy and doing what is needed to survive. The characters are not wealthy, or able to do whatever they wish. They have to save, they struggle, they fight, and they love. This is a very real and touching story I enjoyed, and would recommend to anyone interested in reading what I would call a pagan love story.

Pagan Elements:

This novella has a definite undercurrent of paganism in it as Gabe Herne is a practitioner and as the story unfolds it talks about the coming celebrations, with some spell work and worship throughout. As Sean learns about the practices and worship Gabe goes over a few of the mythos involved. The authors deal with the Wheel and each of the celebrations through the year, showing how someone might practice as both solitary and some in a coven for the larger events.

Cover (Rated 1-10):


I really liked this cover it was intriguing and spoke to the book itself, if it were on the bookshelf I know that the symbol for the horned god would draw my attention over anything else.


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