The Case of the Ginger Cat


Amused & confused LOL.

I’ve been trying to write this novel, set here where I live, for a while now. Got loads of notes, background and research but could never really get “the off”! It happened the other night night, I just took off and got the firtst 2.5K words into the laptop just like that. It’s now up to about 8K this morning.

It’s very different to how I had thought it would be! For a start, I’d imagined it being a teen-novel. It’s not. It definitely wants to stay in my mystery/romance/magic vein. I don’t mind, I’m just surprised. And … so far … I’m writing it in the first person. And from the male POV! Not done that before.

It throws you right in at the deep end with a shapeshifter doing his shift in the first 10 lines! He, Martin, is the hero … and very sexy as well as nice and magic and all that crap. She’s fun too – Jenni, the heroine. It’s her learning curve we follow in the mainstream but, of course, Martin has lots of learning to do too. As does the secondary hero, Duffy, who has rather a shock when he wakes out of a 1500 yr sleep into the 21st cetury! Poor lad! He seems not only to be a tramp in this century/incarnation but … well, no spoilers, all will be revealed IDC.

I’m enjoying it and, as I said, it is different. Writing in the first person has a lot of challeneges including the obvious two … you only have one POV and the hero cannot die, else who is it talking. The latter’s OK as I didn’t plot Martin to die but only having his POV is more difficult. The story itself is carrying me along so far so I’m sticking with and writing as much as I can every day. Who else writes in the first person? How do you find it?

In the meantime, hope you’re enjoying Moon Song. As I said the other day, Moon Song is out now and available at  both as a book and an e-book. It will soon be out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Bowdler Books for all bookshops.

PS – the pic is of my cat Morningstar (now gone to the Happy Mouse-Hunting Centre in the sky).  He’s the “hero” of the story – in his shifted form.  LOL

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