How Can Pagans Help Haiti?

Well despite the mad ravings of Pat Robertson who claims the place was cursed by God….the rest of us can look beyond such rubbish and chip in.

But how? How do you know what charity you can give to that will put your money to good use? What if you don’t have any money because of the recession….you can barely scrounge up the kids lunch money much less donate some invisible cash?

Relax….there are still things that you can do.


If you have the money to donate, here is a great NON-PROFIT organization I found called : Vodou Aid (link: I quote the one that passed it onto me:

Vodou Aid was formed precisely because the evangelical Christian churches in Haiti abuse food aid, give it only to their inner circle, sell it for profit, and preach that their possession of food is proof that God wants them to live and the Vodouisant 90% majority to die. I’m not making this up, it’s why we do VodouAid! It’s run by Vodouisants, but we give food to everyone,
medical care to anyone, according to our means. If I could feed every man, woman and child in Jacmel, evangelicals included, I would. We’ve already raised about $3000, and my goal is $5000 now and $5000 over the next three months. We pay no salaries. We have no overhead other than the fee MoneyGram charges to send the money. We have people in Haiti that receive the money, buy food wholesale and distribute it, accompany the sick or injured to the doctor and cover the doctor bill and the prescriptions, whatever it takes. We had already stockpiled water and food in anticipation of hurricanes, which weren’t so bad this year, but now our stockpile is exhausted.
Peace and love,
Mambo Racine

Now if that doesn’t seem like your kind of donating place or you don’t have money to give…then there are ways for you to contribute to those in need. Simply contact your local fire department and or Red Cross. I am sure there are even churches in your area that might be taking up collections. Now go dig in the attic, basement, closets, call relatives and ask them what they have.

Pillows, blankets, children’s clothes, old clothes that you may have, canned food, water, shampoo, soap, bottles of alcohol, Q-tips, (women personal items), conditioner, peroxide, pillows, AND THE LIST goes on and on…..there are TONS of things we have, that we have stashed away, forgotten about, will never use again, will never need again that we can send to those in Haiti.

So if you are one of the thousands who have absolutely no cash to spare….you don’t have to sit there and feel hopeless like you can do nothing. You can make a donation of something else…YOU can matter…YOU can make a difference—


And please light a candle for those in Haiti….

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