Dear Spirit, January 15, 2010, To Marry or Not to Marry, Again; The Urge to Write

Hello, fellow readers, Erin Sinclair here with two new questions for the ever curious and ever questing. First, a woman who has been married multiple times debates upon the choice once more. Second, a writer is feeling the inspiring urge to write, but isn’t sure if it is creative juices or the new year bringing forth the desire to begin anew.

“Dear Spirit, I’m a 38 year old woman who has been married three times. I have now found what I believe to be my perfect mate. In every way we are compatible. Although he’s never asked and I haven’t considered it with this man, still I wonder if he would be as good a husband as he is a boyfriend. Needless to say I’m thrice bitten and thrice shy at this point, but still…tell me Spirit what forces are around me regarding my thoughts. Yours in faith, CMW, Seattle, WA”

Wow, three times, huh? Three is the number of the Great Mother and most definitely a charm in my opinion, but the first thing I sense is a profound feeling of lonesomeness. It does not feel as if you are afraid of being alone, but there is a sensation of a piece missing and the husbands were somehow supposed to “fit”. Disappointingly, they did not. With that stated, the cards pulled as follows–the 9 card reveals the Three of Cauldrons, upright; your first initial pulled the Seven of Rods, upright; your middle initial pulled is The Empress, upright and the last initial turns out to be the Ace of Rods, reversed.

Threes represent the gifts, challenges and opportunities of the Empress (herself also a 3 and present in this spread). This is telling me your mate is not only a treasure to cherish, but is also bringing along opportunity and learning potential. There is much you did NOT learn about yourself in experiencing multiple marriages for such a relatively young woman. Before you become entranced by the sound of wedding bells, stop and take a moment to consider where you are at in your life. Do you really think it is wise to consider a fourth marriage without giving yourself a chance to learn who you are as well as your new partner, first? The number 3 represents the idea of the union of opposites, for example, a child produced in the union of a man and woman, a natural consideration and a vibration I feel is pulling you toward the idea of marrying once again. The Three of Cauldrons (Cups) represents celebration, therefore the possibility of delving into a 4th marriage could exist. It’s not a solid idea, but it is definitely one your considering. Beware one of the messages of the Three of Cauldrons, however. It also represents the ACT of being in love meaning you fall in love with the idea of  love and not necessarily your partner. Enjoy this sensation while you can as there is more to come, good and bad, or at least your perceptions of those concepts. I’m sensing with this card, you both tend to be very social. I’m strongly suggesting you enjoy this active, busy, fun time in your relationship and let it evolve into what it will be. Marriage is a major step and right now, the energy about you does not lend itself to the serious nature of considering spending the rest of your life with a partner.  The next card drawn, the Seven of Rods, is telling me you are definitely taking off the rose colored glasses and are now viewing the relationship in its reality instead of its fantasy. The number seven is a mystical number, associated with wisdom, morality, divine justice and fate. You are in this relationship to learn, give yourself a break from old patterns and take it one step at a time. Your soul is developing to a higher level, let it do so. The Seven of Rods is definitely the card of taking a stand. You are being pushed by circumstances right now that are making you question this relationship and its potential long term future. That’s okay, perhaps this is what you needed to explore, the ability to set clear boundaries. Instead of hoping for the best and falling in love with the potential of your mate, fall in love with the person in the NOW. If anything, you will do them a great service by viewing them as they present themselves to you, warts and all, thereby showing them real love, not dreamy love. The second card, The Empress upright is a sign of wonderful abundance around you at the moment. ENJOY IT AND BE THANKFUL. This card is telling me you are learning to be unconditional in your love, there is much growth and prosperity around you, your desires become a reality, but be careful what you wish for, as you will receive it. Your final card, the reversed Ace of Rods tells me you are at the beginning of something, it wants to bud, but is being circumvented or stunted. I strongly feel this is old patterns of behavior from you to the new person in your life. Are you subconsciously pigeonholing this new partner by comparing that person to old loves? I feel you find a relationship starts out shooting stars and fireworks, but such brilliant displays of energy fizzle out in the rain of reality. You feel you are putting your energy and effort into another relationship that isn’t going to be satisfying ultimately. I feel this is because you want the relationship to be a certain way instead of allowing it to come into its own, a relationship that is unique to you and your new partner. Do not set yourself up for failure, keep this partnership in the now and enjoy every moment you have together. If marriage is in the cards, and the Three of Cups coupled with The Empress tells me it most definitely is, give it permission to come to fruition with time. For now, live, laugh and love for there is wonderful energy around you giving you the ability to greet each day with joy and hope for a fulfilling future.

Our next reader, a writer sends this creative query–“Recently I have been ‘feeling’ a flux of creative writing power and awesome story ideas – a warm, glowing flow of energy, seeming to generate from a well deep within, breaking free  like I have never experienced before. Is this something special ‘for me’ that I should take to heart? Or is it just the universal cosmic optimisim of a new year around the corner that seems to affect everyone? Writing under, GA, Warren, MI”

My first reaction to the spread I have pulled for you, GA, indicates immediately that it is both, so I state time to start writing. All of the cards pulled upright, which is an unequivocal yes from Spirit. The cards pulled as follows–the 9 card reveals the Queen of Swords, upright. Your first initial pulls Mastery (The Chariot), upright. The second initial (another 9 card) indicates the Three of Pentacles and the final card, the Nine of Pentacles.

The Queen of Swords intrigues me, as it is a card of a strong willed and very independent personality. This personality has the quality of mind that considers fairly and demands authenticity. All pretense must be abandoned. I must say that I feel strongly there is definitely a non-fiction book or two in your future. The Queen of Swords represents a mind that is well-educated and/or well-read with a quick perceptive intelligence given to understand things beyond the ordinary person’s ability to comprehend. One of the thoughts that jumped out clearly to me when considering this spread was this…have you considered research non-fiction in the paranormal or supernatural? Something with a less esoteric bent perhaps and a more scientific leaning? Your first initial reveals Mastery, a powerful indicator for you to move forward in your writing. Mastery, in other decks also known as The Chariot, represents one who wants to explore (within as well as without) to scout, to go over to the other side. You have the ability to see both sides of the coin, a unique and valuable trait to have in a researcher. You tend to want to challenge, to go beyond the boundaries and frontiers of the known world. I say harness this marvelous ability and utilize your writing capabilities to discover new aspects of whatever subject matter you choose to put to pen. When Mastery appears in a spread, it indicates victory, but only after a struggle. I believe that struggle may come in the form of needing to be organized, timely, and detailed in your approach to your writing aspirations. Once you commit to what it takes to be a successful writer, you will be without question. You are in a race to reach your destiny, just remember it’s a race against yourself. That’s more of a challenge than we realize, but one that can be overcome with an open mind and open heart to the opportunities awaiting you. The Three of Pentacles reinforces this as it represents persistence, tenacity and setting clear priorities and commitments. It is an indication there is some situation you are determined to move forward with and see through no matter how difficult. You have what it takes to be successful, so go for it. Your final card is the Nine of Pentacles. All cards vibrating to the number 9 relate to developing introspective insight, personal integrity and the completion of lessons. It is interesting to me this card appears as the last intial because my strong sense is this urge to write is the culmination of a cycle for you. The 9 symbolizes completion of projects. You are being urged to write because what you wish to write about is important to you and needs to come into the light of day from the quiet darkness of your mind. Whatever you ultimately choose to write will do well financially for its genre, but doing well is in the eye of the beholder. With that stated, there is a sense of financial independence around you. Either you have good support on the physical plane for your writing goals (i.e., family, finances, helpful agent, supportive publisher) or you, yourself, make a comfortable living in your “day” job, thereby giving you the freedom to write. Either way, the timing is good and so is the energy, so I say absolutely step into your writing with confidence on all levels this is something you are meant to do.

That’s all this time around, dear readers, until next time…happy reading!

Erin Sinclair (“For love that’s out of this world!”)

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