The Power of Sleep

Are you tired? While it’s new mums who suffer most from sleep deprivation, getting less than you need at any life stage isn’t good. Starting the day tired and depleted makes it so much harder to deal with whatever comes up.

Sleep is essential for health, and yet is so easily neglected because someone else needs us to do with less. New mums with restless babies get the worst of it, especially if they try to go back to work, and keep the house in order. There aren’t enough hours in the day, and sleep is the thing we sacrifice.

I’ve watched female friends with high powered jobs, work ever longer hours, more tired by the day and not daring to stop.

The thing is, if we are tired, we are less effective, less able, less efficient. Rested and well, we can get the job done. But how do you take the time out to rest and recharge the batteries when you know that everything will just pile up while you aren’t attending to it, so you have to run twice as hard to catch up?

Demand that everyone does their fair share.

Everyone works.

Everyone plays.

Everyone gets enough time to sleep.

Remember, under international law, depriving a person of sleep is a form of torture. Don’t do that to yourself, and do not let others put you in positions where you feel you should tolerate it. Sleep is essential for mental and physical wellbeing. It’s not a luxury. Sleep heals and refreshes. We need it. Typically, women need about an hour more than men.

If you are struggling, then making sure you get enough sleep is a good way of helping yourself. Don’t turn to drugs or alcohol if you can help it. Demand a quiet, comfortable space, and enough time. It is your right.

I know these things, because I learned them the hard way. Having a good, quiet place to sleep has radically improved my quality of life. I experience less pain, less depression, I am getting more work done, I feel better in myself. Sleep is essential.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Sleep”

  1. I was at one time, throughout my life, a jack of all trades. Meaning, I had many many jobs sometimes all at once, at different places doing different things. But looking back now, I am amazed at how break times, mandatory overtimes and so forth have gotten to be more and more to the benefit of the employer rather than the employee.
    For instance, I worked at a Target Warehouse for two years—a job that was supposed to be better than any I had before and a place that was supposed to be ALL about the employees and community and family. I bet you there was only one month total (and not all in one go) that we were not on mandatory overtime. And for those with families…that was a very hard deal. For single moms even more harder. Sleep, well my point is jobs make it harder and harder for people to get sleep and eat the way they should. And yeah, we need our fair share…we are better for it….but so many people are denied that just because they do have kids or they work for a tyrant.


  2. It is a very wrong thing. We have a system that cares more for the movement of money than the wellbeing of people, and it needs to change. Change only comes when enough people believe it’s worth fighting for, and that change can be made. Exhausted employees are not good, efficient, capable, effective employees. One day, business people will understand that they aren’t even helping themselves by being careless of employees wellbeing.


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