Pagan Women in Fiction

I love reading and writing about pagan women in fiction, especially ones who are a) true to life as both people and being pagan, b) are sharp and witty, and c) are interesting in general. I think there’s a real dearth of non-Wiccan pagans in fiction, as many seem to believe that Wicca is the default religion for all pagans. It’s also good to see women portrayed positively within the context of their faith and in their general lives.

In an upcoming short story I wrote, “My Big Fat Greek Pagan Lesbian Wedding”, two women who are Greek pagans–a devotee of Hera and another who is a devotee of Aphrodite–are getting married. Along the way they encounter obstacles due to their sexual preference, road blocks from their families and friends who have their own ideas on how (or even if) they should get hitched, and even trials from their own religious backgrounds and from people who share their faith on the “proper” way for them to undergo their ceremony.

Remaining true to oneself is the overall theme present, and the empowerment that comes from following your own heart over what others want. This is a struggle for many women who fight stereotypes and ideas on who and what they should be versus who they truly are. It’s not limited to religion, sexual preference, race, or class. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me that being female, in a minority faith, and of the GLBT persuasion is a triple whammy. Add ethnicity for additional spice, and you have the makings of a serious struggle in dealing with being in our culture.

I often say that while I may be in this culture, I am not of it. It’s good for me to see writers and readers banding together to represent in fiction what we’d like to see our society demonstrate.

What are some good examples of pagan and GLBT women in fiction who rise above prejudice, bigotry, and societal expectations of them? I love compiling a list of new fiction to read and perhaps some good but old ones which I haven’t thought about in a while. Share away!

Love & Magic,

6 thoughts on “Pagan Women in Fiction”

    1. Ah lol trying to figure out the whole Virgin Mary in the snow thing. Yes, we can track her to her previous Pagan incarnations but is she truly one of Fiction? Since that’s what we are discussing lol Pagan women in fiction.

      Anyway, I never got to read the books but I always loved the movie The Mists of Avalon—strong pagan women. I loved the presentation of Morgaine in that, as well as Vivian and the rest.

      Few years back I answered a wanted ad to join a Paranormal Investigation team. We started chatting and of course I said, I’m Pagan. She said, OH YOU’RE WICCAN!!!!! lol I said, noooooo, I’m Pagan. So yeah, many people do confuse the two but I think its because they don’t look into it very far.


    2. It’s sorta like thinking someone is a Buddhist because they worship Kali. O_O

      Very bad analogy but sorta true.


  1. I think I have ‘met’ these two lovers before in your award winning story “Blood and Mint Chocolates.” Am I right? 😛

    Even if I am not, I loved working on Adrianne’s paranormal romances, muwahaha.


    1. Nope! They’re brand new chars. 🙂 If people like them, I’ll be sure to write more. But they’re with Love You Divine, Freya’s Bower is where I have all of the Dark Moon and the Oath chars.



  2. Nope! They’re brand new chars. 🙂 If people like them, I’ll be sure to write more. But they’re with Love You Divine, Freya’s Bower is where I have all of the Dark Moon and the Oath chars.



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