Just some ponderings …

Happy New Year, everyone.

Pagans get a bad rap. We’re at the bottom of the barrel of the religious pecking order. The common conception of pagan is not a friendly one; yep, us pagans are crazy folk, evil folk, yada yada yada. Tell someone you’re Protestant or Catholic and they probably won’t bat an eye. Tell someone you’re pagan, and they are likely to back away slowly then turn and bolt for the door.

This annoys me.

In a country that prides itself on religious freedom, we still get little respect. I’m hoping that, as the green movement snowballs, people come to realize that for a lot of us, it’s a matter of finding divinity in the natural world. No, I don’t worship trees. I just love them. No, I’m not out there killing goats or plotting the destruction of the universe. But the misconceptions continue. And the odd thing is, when you start looking back in history, you find the roots of all religions entwined, at some point.

Religion, like everything else in life, is a matter of choice. For me, I find the bardic path of druidry fits me perfectly. Why? Well, for one, I’m a writer. By definition, that means I’m a storyteller. People have been telling stories since we lived in caves. We’ve always had the capability to imagine, to dream. Whether it’s  cavemen telling stories of, one guesses, the hunt, a shaman at a campfire speaking of the Raven, the trickster god, or a Viking retelling stories of Odin, storytellers do more than spin tales. They tell us who we are and where we’ve been, and force us to believe, if only for a moment, the unbelievable. And though the mediums change, from primitive ink scratched on a cave wall to the sheer memorization skills of the druids, from pen and quill to our current electronic medium, there is something sacred about that. Druidry recognizes that, and it recognizes the divinity of creation, something no other religion does. For two, I absolutely love the forest. I feel nothing in a church, but put me in a pretty little wood and suddenly I feel one with the universe. For three, I just feel an affinity to the old ways. But even so, I’m just not really into ceremonies.

Personally I think there are points of validity in all religion. And really, all faiths lead to pretty much the same place. I kind of think arguing over it is like arguing which road is the best one to take.

After all, freedom of religion means any religion.

5 thoughts on “Just some ponderings …”

  1. I enjoyed this article. I recently found this site through an article that interested me. I was raised Southern Baptist and now I probably would refer to myself as spiritual. We all have some things in common. My ancestors were Indian, and my family on both sides were great storytellers. My daughter just received her PhD in English and is a beautiful writer. My father, who worked for the railroad spent most of his free time in the woods. He hunted, fished, and knew all the trees, plants, and animals. I miss him and his knowledge of nature. We are all in different places throughout our lives. When I was younger I might have bolted to the door not knowing what a pagan was. Now, I’ll read a little find out and wisely know that we are all brothers and sisters who respect each others choices.


  2. lol You have Freedom of Religion as long as you are practicing that freedom to believe in THEIR religion lol.

    Honestly, we live in a very insecure society. I think alot of it has to do with people are very unsure of themselves and their choices. Even if it is something handed down to them from generation to generation, they feel they NEED vast numbers standing with them to feel as though those choices are right. This way they do not have to face their own personal questions head on. But then again, most religions cover that one as well by saying, DO NOT QUESTION lol.
    Still, we have been going through what I call an Awakening for quite sometime. Now whether people are waking up concerning politics, governments, or religions…they are still waking up. And when that happens, all hell breaks lose lol.

    Then there are those that are fighting what is happening to them —refusing to wake up which means they attack others for their differences more and more.

    Sometimes I’m glad that Pagans are sneered at lol. I mean what would happen if we were socially accepted? Would someone attempt to organize us and then divide us with specific denominations and its rules?
    I am not saying that will happen…just saying that every time I turn around someone is trying to ‘lead’ others because they want the power and control. As of right now, no one controls us and maybe that’s why? The term Pagan is an umbrella for so many paths and no two paths or people are really the same. Its accepted that way…which is a grand thing…we accept each other. As long as we do that, then I don;t foresee anyone trying to take over and screw things up lol.
    Or at least those are my thoughts as of today.

    Awesome article!


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