Book Reviews: Soul Searchers by Reese Johnson

SoulSearchersFinal Title: Soul Searchers

Author: Reese Johnson

Author Site

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Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length – 63

Other: M/M

Pagan & Pagan Elements: no/no

Card Rating: – 3 Tarots

Reviewed by: Jes L’Heureux

About The Book:

Turned into werewolves hundreds of years ago, Timber and his lover, Micah, have finally found peace high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Their clan is made up of werewolves from every walk of life and includes gay, lesbians, and even a few heterosexuals.

Far across the valley is another clan, and their leader, Jack, isn’t happy about the abomination going on in Timber’s neck of the woods.

When Jack’s clan declares war, Timber attempts to reason with him and find a Peaceful solution. The reasons behind Jack’s hatred aren’t clear, and Timber tries to learn his secret, but how many will die before he does so?

The Review:

The book opens up in 1753 where his father, the Lord Barrows finds young Timberlin in bed with his lover Micah. It is an explosive start to a great book by Reese Johnson. Soul Searchers follows the one portion of the life of Timber and Micah, with a start of how they became werewolves and the start of their love for each other and then fast-forwards to present day. It is a precursor to the meat of the story where an opposing clan is prejudice towards the gay werewolves and wants them to leave the valley where they reside. While Timber would like a peaceful solution Jack the leader of the opposing pack wants blood and seems to be willing to do anything for it. Timber and his pack must figure out a solution to survive, to keep their way of life preserved. Overall Soul Searchers was a quick read and quite easy to get into, Mr. Johnson’s writing was dramatic and sensual throughout the novella. The sex scenes between Timber and Micah truly showed the passion they had for each other with well-written prose; they were steamy and definitely inviting.

There was only one part that I wasn’t a fan of, and that was the ending, overall it seemed too convenient. After reading such a wonderful and detailed story I found that the ending came together too swiftly and cleanly by comparison. Despite that last section, I would recommend this novella to anyone who is interested in paranormal and like steamy sex as well. Sex scenes were sensual and well written, could feel the passion in the writing the characters had for each other.

Pagan Elements: N/A

Cover (Rated 1-10): 3

Personally I am not a fan of this cover, had I seen this on the shelf I would pass it on by. I think it is the campy sci-fi kind of look that turns me off of the cover page.


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3 thoughts on “Book Reviews: Soul Searchers by Reese Johnson”

    1. I do my best to be honest, the book really was a fun read, and curse of being an artist, highly critical when allowed to make mention of art. : P



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