Book Reviews: ABRAXAS: The Haywire Halloween by Cinsearae R. Santiago


Title: ABRAXAS: The Haywire Halloween

Author: Cinsearae R. Santiago

Author Site

Buy Link

Publisher: Lulu Press

Genre: contemporary horror

Length – # OF PAGES: 53

Other: M/F

Pagan & Pagan Elements: yes

Card Rating: – 4 Tarots

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

About The Book:

While out and about on Halloween Jonathan finds and keeps a skeleton key. What he doesn’t know is that the key is not a harmless piece of costume jewelry but really a demons way of getting back at Jonathan and his friends. The demon uses the key to grant Jonathans wishes but he twists them for his own benefit. As Jonathan and his friends deal with everyone turning into their costumes they must find a way to undo what has been done.

The Review:

With Halloween being my favorite holiday how could I not read this book? I was not disappointed as I was hooked from the first sentence. With references to today’s pop culture this book was a fun read. Even though this book is one of a series it can be read as a stand-alone. I have not read the ones before and was not lost at all. The interaction between the characters was a good read, and even though this was a horror story it was not all dark and gloomy, lots of humor was thrown in. I truly enjoyed how a few of the characters each had their own things that they were scared of. From clowns to zombies each one had a fear. The group of friends Jonathan hangs with decides to fix and undo the wishes and stick together to do so. They may rib each other but they enjoy each and every one of their friendships. It was nice to see them always helping each other and doing things together. Cinsearae R. Santiago brings the reader into another world and doesn’t let them go until the end. I truly enjoyed this book and will be on the look out for more from this author as well as reading the others in this series to see just how these characters became the group they are.

Pagan Elements: ritual to summon the demon and banish him

Cover (Rated 1-10): 8 I enjoyed the cover. It fits the story and looks ominous. I love horror and fright so it is something that I would notice and pull off of the shelf.


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