Shadow People, Astral Spiders, & Hypnagogia


So what are Shadow People, Spiders and Beings?

We all know what spirits or ghosts are, so I suppose we can place them in that category except, there is no proof that these beings are dead, are repetitive echoes, a haunting or formless.

They appear void at times if not strangely solid. By solid, they are still dark as Shadow but an even blacker color outlines their features.

One of the most common sightings has been the figure of a man or someone in a cloak. Sometimes they are seen wearing a hat or hooded sweat shirt. Whatever they are wearing, they lack color.

Imagine– you are staring into an actual person who is nothing more than solid smoke or even slightly transparent at times. The strange thing is, you can catch detailed outlines concerning their face or clothes.

It’s hard to think that anything which appears to be solid or merely bleak can have any sort of outline about it. But people have reported that at times they can make out their features clearly as well as the smaller details of their clothes. Some reports claim they have glowing eyes, mostly red. Some reports claim that they act unaware (as if you are not there)– as if passing from one room, while others claim these beings have had their attention directly on them.

Many reports claim that the energy or feeling in the room changed to something fearsome. Other reports claim that the person witnessing this act was attacked, unable to scream, or paralyzed.

Now before we fix our minds on a notion of fear—let’s reserve that until later because I have some theories of my own.

When do these sightings happen?

I call it the Twilight (No, Stephanie Meyers has nothing to do with this) but a more technical word is Hypnagogia. Basically, it is known as a sleep paralysis which has the attention of many doctors and scientists who are studying it. The easiest way to describe it is–

You go to bed, close your eyes, go to sleep.  Only you do not sleep deeply nor are you fully awake. You are stuck somewhere in between.

Now do not confuse this with sleep walking. That is NOT what it is. People who experience this are completely aware of everything that is going on around them. They can sit up in bed, walk through their house, pet a dog or see their wife or husband sleeping beside them. They can talk and interact even though their minds are not fully awake.

So what is so different during this time that they seem to think they’re partly asleep? Good question.

Even though they can interact with their normal environments, not everything is the same. It is as though they are lingering between two worlds. Their subconscious mind is in equal balance with their conscious mind.

Meaning, they are open to whatever may come, eyes open beyond the veil but their conscious minds do not have the draw backs–jerking them out of this moment or to prevent them from seeing, experiencing, and interacting with whatever may be.

This is when some people experience the Shadow Beings, Spiders, or other types of Other Worldly phenomena. It is NOT the only time, but this is a common one, as well as wide spreading.

Now it should be known that Science and Doctors have their own explanations of this but NOTHING is for certain simply because they’re pretty much clueless as to what Hypnagogia is and what these people are really discovering during this phase. The experts are blaming it on sleeping positions, among other things, saying that if someone sleeps on their back– that this is what causes it.

Now it should be noted that I did say above that this phenomena is becoming widely spread. That doesn’t mean  it did not exist before. I think because of the internet and the loss of fear in speaking about these things has made it possible for others to realize that they are not alone.  It should also be mentioned that Shadow beings have been reported since Ancient times but we will get more into that later.

A direct quote from Wikipedia concerning Hypnagogia:

Early references to hypnagogia are to be found in the writings of Aristotle, Iamblichus, Cardano, Simon Forman and Swedenborg.[11] Romanticism brought a renewed interest in the subjective experience of the edges of sleep.[12] In more recent centuries, many authors have referred to the state; Edgar Allan Poe, for example, wrote of the ‘fancies’ he experienced “only when I am on the brink of sleep, with the consciousness that I am so.

So you see it is not new by any means, only our awareness of it since we still seem to be in the Dark Ages concerning anything other than what is socially accepted. Being taught not to believe in such things or that it is against some sort of religion– has really blind sided us I think. 

Let it be also known that during Hypnagogia or what I call ‘Twilight’, Shadow people or beings are not the only thing experienced.

Many people claim that they have got up from their beds, walked out the door to new or past worlds. Some have experienced or revisited past lives or countries.

One woman I read about, reported standing by her bedroom window, waving to people who were passing by outside her home. They stood there waving at her while she waved back at them. At some point she snapped out of it, finding herself standing there waving– only the people she remembered in every detail were no longer present.

Other people report having long conversations with deceased relatives who are possibly standing by their bed or sitting in the same room with them. Some people claim that they are visited by those who are not dead. They have absolutely no idea what they are, but they do know death did not bring them to their bedrooms.

Now even though Twilight is not the only time this happens, this is one of the biggest reports of the Shadow Beings that people claim to experience. Possibly because our minds are so open during this stage and we can see beyond the Veil—my theory.

Now the down side–some people say that they are attacked. That this black mass or presence paralyzes them so that they can not move or even scream.

Others claim that they are not attacked but wake up finding these beings standing over them, simply watching which may be how they came to be called, ‘The Watchers’.

One woman I know claims to have woken up, been fully awake, while a young man in a hooded sweat shirt swept through her room and went out the window. Now she did not think that he jumped, but simply  leaped through his doorway, to where ever he came from. This woman has had this happen quite a few times, same boy, same details (except the exit)– only she was not experiencing Twilight during any of those times. In fact, she told me she had never experienced Twilight. She sees them wide eyed and awake.

So you see Twilight is not the only time you can experience this.

Many reports say that they were standing in their kitchen (or somewhere), felt the energy or the room temperatures change, caught something in the corner of their eye, turned around quickly and the Shadow Being was standing there, watching them.

Shadow or Astral Spiders

People claim to be sleeping or rather Twilight, while watching these HUGE spiders of abnormal size crawl around their beds, glide down over their heads from webs and so on.  By big—sizes ranging from fat puppy size to smaller.

At times they see smaller ones but it is usually the bigger ones that cause them the greatest shock and fright. It is usually scary enough to snap them out of the Twilight completely, where the spiders are then gone.

There hasn’t been to many people offering them any enlightenment concerning this. In fact, I was shocked that on these forums that I researched, to find that quite a few people who rattled away concerning their belief in the Shadow People in other threads, literally make fun of the people who were seeking answers concerning the spiders.

Unfortunately I can not give anyone any hard crusted evidence here but I can explain some common points about them.

One, you do not have to be in twilight to see them. Some people will see them there, wake up completely to find them still in their reality—fading away.

Two, no reports of anyone being bitten.

Three, no reports of anyone being attacked.

Four, some believe they are other dimensional.

Five, others don’t have a clue as to what the hell they are, although freaky, they don’t seem to be harming anyone or anything.


Well I hope we have touched based on some of this as I will probably write more about it later.


However, let me leave you with this question…

Have YOU had an experience with any of these Paranormal beings that you’d care to share?

432 thoughts on “Shadow People, Astral Spiders, & Hypnagogia”

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  2. I am currently experiencing things in this article and more. Please contact me via email asap. I have a young daughter, nonverbal, that sees “something” as well. Sometimes I am fearful but I think it may be due to the unknown. No actual physical harm has been done but my mind is in need of answers.


    1. When you See these beings tell them to leave you now in the name of Jesus. Use his name and watch they leave. Sometimes you have to say it sternly and a few times. Ima Christian and experience them …a few sometimes in a cloak and others standing around. But they are trying to do something to me. When I tell them to leave in Jesus name it works. I believe it’s the evil one and his minions trying to get access to our soul. They leave because they know I believe in Jesus and his name has authority over the devil.


    2. also claim your daughter for the kingdom of GOD in the name of Jesus and pray the same in Jesus name leave her alone she has been claimed for the kingdom of heaven. Please seek out how to be born again. Ask Jesus to show you to send people to you so that you may know him and go to heaven. You have prayed for help in answering this and God has sent me to explain. This is how you get saved: say Jesus forgive me of my sins, come into my heart I make you lord of my life. I know you died for me and my sins so that I may be forgiven. Thank you Jesus. Ask him to show you what I said happening , put people in your life that will guide you to learn more about him. I will lift you and your daughter up in prayer. Xoxox may god surround you. I ask in Jesus name to send you hoards of angels to protect you for the evil one. In Jesus name I pray. Thank you father for sending her here so that she may realize what is going on and put a stop to it. Amen


  3. No harm has been done so that is the main thing. Children are much more intuitive than adults. Keep an open mind and try to keep as calm as possible. I think stress and anxiety can draw these strange unexplained incidents


  4. I see shadows all the time but the spiders are the worst. Twilight or not. They used to be pink like glow sticks now furry and dark brown or black. Some palm size others twin bed size. Crawl on me wake me up but mostly on my daughter who sleeps in a seperate bed in the same room. Covering her hundreds like a blanket from all over. Last night was the worst. She kept wiggling an woke to say she felt something crawling. I didn’t have storage in my phone to record. The pink glowing would look like static on video. Last night was scary still crawling as she was awake. She said do you see something again and i said yes. It was a shadow in the room kept running at me until i looked at it. She never sees anything. The twin bed size came crawling over her from between the bed an wall an i yelled go away they disappeared like half a second when i sat up . When i laid down they crawled. The pink used to shape shift. Into demonic looking pigs or silhouettes. Crawl on me to play other times one leg would whip around and shock me on contact i could tell they were angry. These dark furry spiders are a recent thing. Last night was a lot. Especially her being awakened by them. I made her cover her entire body to go back to sleep. I have fought pink an these off her for years. Never been hurt by them. But we do health issues. Some explainable some not.


  5. I just had a shadow spider vision today, walking from a nap, a palm sized tarantula looking shadow weaved it’s way from my bedside and into my sock drawer as if on a spider thread, I woke and screamed, my daughter came in, we honestly thought it was a bat, which my cat sometimes can bring in the house, the drawer was closed, so nothing could’ve got in physically, this was not a one time occurrence I have these often enough to remember between walking and sleep state, I always just thought it was some eye issue, she maybe or degeneration


  6. I’ve been trying to find out about these spider beings. We have been followed by them for years. We wake up to them in our rooms and watch them crawl away into the ceiling. They follow us from house to house. State to state. We also have shadow people in our rooms. I caught a picture of one on camera once. I need to know what they are.


  7. I occasionally wake up during hypnagogia phase of sleep and see the Astral Spiders. My dog actually reacted to them last night which is what prompted me to do a little research and write this post. They are a little startling, but always disappear and seem to stay in the same area of the ceiling. Definitely a strange recurring phenomenon and comforting to know that other people have had similar experiences.


  8. They all are astral beeings from other dimensions the dark spiders or shadoew people come from the shadow world that i call it ..actually i got some good video recordings of them talking when i sleep and know how to spot the astral world with the help of my guardians astral beeings brothers i call them also that i have proof on cam that are next to me awakening me up fron my sleep before the shadow ones come..they always look after my body when im astral projecting in my sleep…its funny because from all research i have done the only one that got evidence and can prove my story…by camera recording s and pics ..


    1. Hi AA , I have seen them since about 5 years old . When I wake up and see them , I don’t remember dreaming or anything before hand . What do we do when we are astral projecting or whatever you said ? What do we see ? Where do we go ? Thanks . Cause it’s weird I just wake up and see them . One was a cute black hoppy black tarantula size and hopped I talked to it . Then it went into the darkness under my couch lol . Also why do I see them ? Am I special ? Different ?


    2. We are all special beeings as humans with the grace of god ..ur body energie field or aura probably was a special one and radiates such a light that the shadow dimension beeings as spiders or shadow people can pick it up can see it in there dimension and are attracted to it cause they dont have it and. ..ur bodu shines like a lighthouse its a beacon through multiple dimension and other beeings can be attracted to it also .on some cases u can have a negetive energy beeing be attach on u without u knowing it stealing ur enegy aura like a vampire ..i call them energy vampires that come in the shape of smoke and can shape shift and stay on u for as long as they neeed to feed of u…ur aura from what i get is food for them so they can sustain their bodies…its alot more thats goes on and so many different kinda of beeings species or energy entities in the universes and the. multiple dimensions that cant be counted..some bad some good just like humans..and for the other question were do u go when u sleep and dont remember in many places is the answer i cant gibe i specifics were u went but u sure did go somewhere if a shadow spider picked up ur astral body aura through the dimensions and waking up to see it coming or running and disappear ones it aaw u waking up means u have a aura giardian next to u that u cant see with ur eyes but always has ur back when ur testing ur body and mind and go wherever i go remember it or not when u wake up..i have had a gray vortex checking me out one time as i open my eyes the same way i see the spiders was not 2 feet away from me it look intelligent cause when i pointed my finger to it and rotate it anticlockwise it was like it sayin how the hell did he see me ..and it vanished through the wall like the spider’s to…i guess the planet is changing the so called polar shift some human that resonate in high frequencies are tuned in with it amd awakening energetically and spiritually and rising as 4 th 5th or 6th dimensional beeings..with the abilities to see and experience things that were always here but u couldn’t not even comprehend that existed in ir 3d mind of viewing…im still learning mu self with the help of my energy light guardian friend…that i say once again i have videos of him and pics of many energie body species that come to me …i just dont say things just to say them and sound stupid or crazy ..i have proof of it…have a wonderful day Lisa and my gods energies and spirits bless u ..


    3. I see these spider beings when I am under stress or unhappy. I am wide awake when I see them hovering over me. Some are dark but some are translucent and almost white in colour. They also vary in size. They don’t scare me as I feel they are observing me with curiosity. I believe they are beings from another dimension and only certain people can see them. My partner actually caught one although he couldn’t see it and it wriggled out of his hands. I watched one land on his face when he was asleep and he brushed it off without waking. I know they are real and accept there are certain things in life we cannot explain.


    4. U are all not crazy and not hallucinating this things are for real and intuitive people like us see through the veil the have covered humans by for ages the are energy vampires or leaches as i called them amd need to be stopped someway here is a link with other peoples same u know ur not alone in this ..also this enteties dont like salt..saltwater and copper for some reasom they reacted screaming in pain when i confronted them with it…cause nothing is gonna feed off my energy fied or aura without mu permission and get away with it so easy if i gpt something to do about it…..heres the link i was talking with more people like us.


  9. I’ve just recently been seeing shadow things, it’s after being asleep and waking to roll over etc- one looked like a dark yet slightly transparent scooby doo monster shadow standing y my dresser with my tv on it- I briefly caught it, and it jumped toward my tv and disappeared- that was the first. more recently I was switching sides and on my ceiling above my face was about a 15″ black robotic monster thing- seeming 3 D- I said ” what the fuck is that”? And it turned into a smaller black oval shaped thing with many little legs around the exterior, ran across my ceiling and disappeared when it got to the wall-! At this point I was sitting up, my husband said ” you’re dreaming” I said “no I’m not” it was so vivid. Lastly, as I’m turning over on the front of my dresser, I saw a dark hole with cracks growing from it- then gone


    1. Listen….these things try to trick you…that they not harmful…that they are alien….they are bad they are not alien…they are from the one that walks the earth the bad guy and his minions. I believe everyone seeing things have used or have around ouija boards, tarot cards things of that nature and dont quiet believe in Jesus. The devil attacks us when we are vanurable and lies to us on what it is. Some people think they are ghosts no such things. I’ve tested them by asking god for answers and have been receiving words from scripture and preachers on what ypthey are. I’ve seen hooded men…shadows I’ve seen shadow of a 7 foot alien female that didn’t look evil at all. These are all evil. I’m a Christian and pray for discernment. If you ever feel anything attacking you…pray it away by calling on JESUS and watch it recoil and leave. I’ve done this.


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