Shadow People, Astral Spiders, & Hypnagogia


So what are Shadow People, Spiders and Beings?

We all know what spirits or ghosts are, so I suppose we can place them in that category except, there is no proof that these beings are dead, are repetitive echoes, a haunting or formless.

They appear void at times if not strangely solid. By solid, they are still dark as Shadow but an even blacker color outlines their features.

One of the most common sightings has been the figure of a man or someone in a cloak. Sometimes they are seen wearing a hat or hooded sweat shirt. Whatever they are wearing, they lack color.

Imagine– you are staring into an actual person who is nothing more than solid smoke or even slightly transparent at times. The strange thing is, you can catch detailed outlines concerning their face or clothes.

It’s hard to think that anything which appears to be solid or merely bleak can have any sort of outline about it. But people have reported that at times they can make out their features clearly as well as the smaller details of their clothes. Some reports claim they have glowing eyes, mostly red. Some reports claim that they act unaware (as if you are not there)– as if passing from one room, while others claim these beings have had their attention directly on them.

Many reports claim that the energy or feeling in the room changed to something fearsome. Other reports claim that the person witnessing this act was attacked, unable to scream, or paralyzed.

Now before we fix our minds on a notion of fear—let’s reserve that until later because I have some theories of my own.

When do these sightings happen?

I call it the Twilight (No, Stephanie Meyers has nothing to do with this) but a more technical word is Hypnagogia. Basically, it is known as a sleep paralysis which has the attention of many doctors and scientists who are studying it. The easiest way to describe it is–

You go to bed, close your eyes, go to sleep.  Only you do not sleep deeply nor are you fully awake. You are stuck somewhere in between.

Now do not confuse this with sleep walking. That is NOT what it is. People who experience this are completely aware of everything that is going on around them. They can sit up in bed, walk through their house, pet a dog or see their wife or husband sleeping beside them. They can talk and interact even though their minds are not fully awake.

So what is so different during this time that they seem to think they’re partly asleep? Good question.

Even though they can interact with their normal environments, not everything is the same. It is as though they are lingering between two worlds. Their subconscious mind is in equal balance with their conscious mind.

Meaning, they are open to whatever may come, eyes open beyond the veil but their conscious minds do not have the draw backs–jerking them out of this moment or to prevent them from seeing, experiencing, and interacting with whatever may be.

This is when some people experience the Shadow Beings, Spiders, or other types of Other Worldly phenomena. It is NOT the only time, but this is a common one, as well as wide spreading.

Now it should be known that Science and Doctors have their own explanations of this but NOTHING is for certain simply because they’re pretty much clueless as to what Hypnagogia is and what these people are really discovering during this phase. The experts are blaming it on sleeping positions, among other things, saying that if someone sleeps on their back– that this is what causes it.

Now it should be noted that I did say above that this phenomena is becoming widely spread. That doesn’t mean  it did not exist before. I think because of the internet and the loss of fear in speaking about these things has made it possible for others to realize that they are not alone.  It should also be mentioned that Shadow beings have been reported since Ancient times but we will get more into that later.

A direct quote from Wikipedia concerning Hypnagogia:

Early references to hypnagogia are to be found in the writings of Aristotle, Iamblichus, Cardano, Simon Forman and Swedenborg.[11] Romanticism brought a renewed interest in the subjective experience of the edges of sleep.[12] In more recent centuries, many authors have referred to the state; Edgar Allan Poe, for example, wrote of the ‘fancies’ he experienced “only when I am on the brink of sleep, with the consciousness that I am so.

So you see it is not new by any means, only our awareness of it since we still seem to be in the Dark Ages concerning anything other than what is socially accepted. Being taught not to believe in such things or that it is against some sort of religion– has really blind sided us I think. 

Let it be also known that during Hypnagogia or what I call ‘Twilight’, Shadow people or beings are not the only thing experienced.

Many people claim that they have got up from their beds, walked out the door to new or past worlds. Some have experienced or revisited past lives or countries.

One woman I read about, reported standing by her bedroom window, waving to people who were passing by outside her home. They stood there waving at her while she waved back at them. At some point she snapped out of it, finding herself standing there waving– only the people she remembered in every detail were no longer present.

Other people report having long conversations with deceased relatives who are possibly standing by their bed or sitting in the same room with them. Some people claim that they are visited by those who are not dead. They have absolutely no idea what they are, but they do know death did not bring them to their bedrooms.

Now even though Twilight is not the only time this happens, this is one of the biggest reports of the Shadow Beings that people claim to experience. Possibly because our minds are so open during this stage and we can see beyond the Veil—my theory.

Now the down side–some people say that they are attacked. That this black mass or presence paralyzes them so that they can not move or even scream.

Others claim that they are not attacked but wake up finding these beings standing over them, simply watching which may be how they came to be called, ‘The Watchers’.

One woman I know claims to have woken up, been fully awake, while a young man in a hooded sweat shirt swept through her room and went out the window. Now she did not think that he jumped, but simply  leaped through his doorway, to where ever he came from. This woman has had this happen quite a few times, same boy, same details (except the exit)– only she was not experiencing Twilight during any of those times. In fact, she told me she had never experienced Twilight. She sees them wide eyed and awake.

So you see Twilight is not the only time you can experience this.

Many reports say that they were standing in their kitchen (or somewhere), felt the energy or the room temperatures change, caught something in the corner of their eye, turned around quickly and the Shadow Being was standing there, watching them.

Shadow or Astral Spiders

People claim to be sleeping or rather Twilight, while watching these HUGE spiders of abnormal size crawl around their beds, glide down over their heads from webs and so on.  By big—sizes ranging from fat puppy size to smaller.

At times they see smaller ones but it is usually the bigger ones that cause them the greatest shock and fright. It is usually scary enough to snap them out of the Twilight completely, where the spiders are then gone.

There hasn’t been to many people offering them any enlightenment concerning this. In fact, I was shocked that on these forums that I researched, to find that quite a few people who rattled away concerning their belief in the Shadow People in other threads, literally make fun of the people who were seeking answers concerning the spiders.

Unfortunately I can not give anyone any hard crusted evidence here but I can explain some common points about them.

One, you do not have to be in twilight to see them. Some people will see them there, wake up completely to find them still in their reality—fading away.

Two, no reports of anyone being bitten.

Three, no reports of anyone being attacked.

Four, some believe they are other dimensional.

Five, others don’t have a clue as to what the hell they are, although freaky, they don’t seem to be harming anyone or anything.


Well I hope we have touched based on some of this as I will probably write more about it later.


However, let me leave you with this question…

Have YOU had an experience with any of these Paranormal beings that you’d care to share?

417 thoughts on “Shadow People, Astral Spiders, & Hypnagogia”

  1. I have seen worm/spider like cystral figures at night sometimrs floating above and gliding down to my bed and sometimes on the bed. It will move about and sometimes seperates into many ….
    My late mother used to tell me she seen worms like figures everywhere at nigt just weeks before her passing…weeks after experiencing it….

    When I switches on the light its dissapear….
    No healer has an explaination yet……m


  2. The night before last night I woke up and looked in the hallway, I saw a black spider looking entity with several legs on the hall ceiling, it moved very fluidly and moved closer to my room doorway, well i fell asleep with the light on,as I read and often fall asleep while reading.
    The spider came just to the top of the door in the hallway and stuck it legs into my side of the door heading, but I think the light stopped it from coming into the room, it scared me,but not real scary , I was relieved that it couldn’t come into the room.
    I’m a bit concerned cause I’ve never in my 51 years seen anything like this.
    what is it ? what should I do if i see it again?


    1. so i have these experiences often – at first i was scared shit – i did some research and many people seem to regard them as negative entities but they just make me laugh – they seem to have a tremendous sense of humor. i have no idea what they are but to me they are interdimensional phenomena – i see them mostly when falling asleep and in between spaces. casper the friendly spiders, btw, some are fast, some are large but they are amorphous. they can look like spiders or rodents sor snow flaks.


  3. I’ve been dealing with a lot of things lately– synchronicities and presences I’ve been trying to avoid to stay grounded for a really long time. Amidst them, I was dreaming the other night when the dream stopped and jumped to me, asleep, in my bedroom. A male voice whispered, “give her the shadow spiders”, to another entity assisting. I started smiling with my eyes closed, and a heat started in my chest, and the warmth was spreading through my body. The voice then whispered, “show her where they live”, and the top part of my comforter started shifting to my left, to show the heat, was a radiating light. I kept my eyes closed, but felt it, then abruptly opened them and saw nothing. I looked to the left for the pile of blanket I knew would be there, but everything was back in place. I wasn’t frightened. I knew they were trying to help me understand.

    Do not be scared of the shadow or “astral” spider. Their presence is a gift. Whether it was one of the many lives within this lifetime we’ve lived, where our consciousness has been reborn, or whether from a former bodily lifetime, I understand, that there are residual things that I need to take care of, that are lingering. Some will spin these entities into something negative, frightening— something that “feeds on human auras”. I guess I could see how they could get to that conclusion/perception, but, I didn’t receive or perceive it that way. I see it as a lingering project—- something that requires your light/your energy to come to a resolution. It seemed that they were facets of the undone, that were either blocking portions of my light from radiating fully, or things that required a concentration of my light, so they may spread it unto the world through their by way of their individual path. It was like— a facet– a mechanism for a portion of my light. Everyone’s experience is different, surely, but we must be clear about the ways in which we’ve been structured and disciplined to associate certain “things” and “nothings” with certain emotions (here, fear). I’m no expert—(in fact, I had no idea that “shadow spider” was an existing term in the physical world until I googled it the morning after and found a melange of information), but if I could lend any sort of advice, it would be to pay attention to the placement of this shadow, the size of this entity, what it is doing, and dig down deep into your heart and mind, and to what is weighing on you, or that you feel unresolved about. Assess your regrets and aspirations, set the resolution/fruition of them as your intent, commit to it/them with your heart, by writing what you understand those items to be, write down the steps toward them, and patiently construct an existence in which your energy is lent to those things, (and not to the complacency or potential obstruction or destruction of them) along your way, every day. Assess how your actions throughout your daily life may effect or defect or delay further, what has yet to be done.

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    1. Well said Lyndsey, well said. Best explanation so far. I can imagine this goes back a few lifetimes with similar problems holding back potentially very influential/sincere people. Comes a point when the forces that be must think you know what “Fuck that Im Getting Involved” I know I would. Similar to when people film nature programmes (Unspoken rule – Do Not Interfere With Nature – Exception unless the underdog keeps loosing) Even David had his slingshot, these beings are simply trying to encourage the Davids out there to get stuck back in & not leave this beautiful rare planet to the likes of ignorant insincere muppets!


  4. So I been seeing these spiders get almost like 5 months now. Even though I’m pretty weathered in the paranormal. Having dealt with it since I could remember. My first encounter was two kids boy n girl running around my room jumping on our beds and around the living trying to wake up my baby brother. I was like 5 at that time. However back to the present. I seen it several times yesterday. Then early this morning, I was watching a show then went to grab my vape and it just crawled up my left right in front of my face. Once it realized I seen it it did a little hop and puff it was gone. It was about the size a softball or two. I thought it was a little creepy but I did also have a dream about my teeth falling out last month so it sorta makes sense. I guess.


  5. While visiting my sister in Alaska, I woke one morning immediately already facing the window. As I slowly came to, I watched as a basketball sized empty silhouette of a spider with the low light of a pale blue morning sky as it background.

    What must of been only a second or two I watched with no alarm as this spider wrapped all of it legs upward and then pulled in unison as if the spider where fighting the force gravity against its large frame.

    After 3 orchestrated pulls upward it faded from sight. With all the clarity and vision under my will I realized I may have seen something supernatural. Don’t know to much about it except what I read online. Thanks for your time.


  6. It was on my 20th birthday I was living in with my girlfriend family i had sleep in the couch but on that day my girlfriend family went out of town so it was just me and my girlfriend we had the house to ourself so we stayed watching tv and hearing music just kicking it all day then it turn to night so we decided to sleep at my girlfriend moms room my girlfriend was a fast sleeper but for me I have trouble sleeping so I watch a little bit of tv then I turn it off I started to get ready to sleep it was dark in the room beside little bit of moon light so I lay down looking at the ceiling then I seen something dark in the top corner wall I thought it was weird because it didn’t look like a normal shadow it look like it was moving while it stay still Iike it was going in circle or something so that freak me out so I look away then I look back to make sure I wasn’t tripping as I did it started to spreed getting bigger so turn to my girlfriend but I couldn’t talk or move then it got closer to me it was like a big cloud pitch black of smoke with no face or nothing when it got closer my head started to turning side to side fast and I couldn’t breath and start making a weird choking noise then it let me go but I never seen a hand or nothing but I felt the release then quickly got small again and disappear I got up right away and stared at that corner like what the fuck just happend I quickly woke up my girlfriend and told her didn’t you see anything or heard me choking and moving she was looking at me like I was making it up she just said I was dreaming but I know that was no dream I was not even a sleep yet and I just went to rest room throw some water on my face look at my self on the mirror like did this just really happen to me


    1. Sounds like a poltergeist. Watch the dead files. Amy says usually someone in the home causes that .


  7. I had sleep paralysis last night and saw three pools of ants or spiders in various spots on my wall. Usually when I have sleep paralysis, I scream out God’s name (or at least this is what I think I do) and I am able to wake. However last night, a set of black shadow arms on each side of my bed post prevented me from doing this and I felt like I never was going to cross back over or wake. It was quit scary this time.


  8. I’m a strong blever of spirits sinces I was a kid and now 27 can any body tell me about shadow spiders because I keep see them running across my bedroom floor


  9. I have had many experiences with the supernatural. Believe me each and everyone of them very unwelcomed experiences. I have been taunted, teased and singled out by another world. I have had 3 friends contacted by, taunted by and attacked by an entity. Each stating that what it was after was me. Thier stories vary from one another. Experiencing their own version of what always ended with, “John…it was after you.”
    All 3 of them had lived with me for an extended period of time. One lived with me from 2006 for one year, and later in 2014, again for a year. Another for 6-8months in 2009 and again in 2013 for all together of approx. 3 years. The last guy I mentioned out of the 3, an older gentleman who passed on November 14th 2011 from brain cancer amongst other ailments.
    The latter had been my parent’s house cleaner for 22 years. One time I had to move into my parents home. He left a letter on the kitchen table, after about 9 months of living there, stating he would only return to thier home “Only when someone was home.” He was let go several months after. Summing up why they let him go was conflicting schedules. He really showed up and left if someone wasn’t home with him while he cleaned.
    He had told me his encounter in full while I lived in his apartment in Middletown Delaware. He had been physically attacked and I will tell you in his words, what he had claimed had happened. ” I felt the whole time I was at your parents house, that I was bn follwed. I kept lookin over my shoulder, over my left side like this.” He imitated what he spoke of. “Then, when I was scrubbing your parent’s bath tub when it got me. What I felt was felt on the inside not like you may think.” He went on saying “It came into me somehow and attacked from the inside. Each hit it made felt like electrical punches.” He ended telling me that some way some how, he got the feeling it mistakened him for me. Saying it had been after me in that manner.
    My one friend spoke of 2 full body apparitions visit him while trying sleep. Describing it having similar features to “Violator from the Spawn comics.” It showed up weeks apart first with a blue shade of color. Calling it the “blue color you see in fire. The second time it seemed to be angered.” He described it as thrashing its arms around n yelling but heard nothing. This time in a shade of red. He said he somehow knew that it was after me but knows not why or how.
    The other friend spoke of disturbing messages whispered in his ear. But his story is from so long ago it seems to me now. I remember that it happened often. But leading to it was after me.
    2015 it “got me” n a few more times in the following yearish from there. So what do you think?


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