Shadow People, Astral Spiders, & Hypnagogia


So what are Shadow People, Spiders and Beings?

We all know what spirits or ghosts are, so I suppose we can place them in that category except, there is no proof that these beings are dead, are repetitive echoes, a haunting or formless.

They appear void at times if not strangely solid. By solid, they are still dark as Shadow but an even blacker color outlines their features.

One of the most common sightings has been the figure of a man or someone in a cloak. Sometimes they are seen wearing a hat or hooded sweat shirt. Whatever they are wearing, they lack color.

Imagine– you are staring into an actual person who is nothing more than solid smoke or even slightly transparent at times. The strange thing is, you can catch detailed outlines concerning their face or clothes.

It’s hard to think that anything which appears to be solid or merely bleak can have any sort of outline about it. But people have reported that at times they can make out their features clearly as well as the smaller details of their clothes. Some reports claim they have glowing eyes, mostly red. Some reports claim that they act unaware (as if you are not there)– as if passing from one room, while others claim these beings have had their attention directly on them.

Many reports claim that the energy or feeling in the room changed to something fearsome. Other reports claim that the person witnessing this act was attacked, unable to scream, or paralyzed.

Now before we fix our minds on a notion of fear—let’s reserve that until later because I have some theories of my own.

When do these sightings happen?

I call it the Twilight (No, Stephanie Meyers has nothing to do with this) but a more technical word is Hypnagogia. Basically, it is known as a sleep paralysis which has the attention of many doctors and scientists who are studying it. The easiest way to describe it is–

You go to bed, close your eyes, go to sleep.  Only you do not sleep deeply nor are you fully awake. You are stuck somewhere in between.

Now do not confuse this with sleep walking. That is NOT what it is. People who experience this are completely aware of everything that is going on around them. They can sit up in bed, walk through their house, pet a dog or see their wife or husband sleeping beside them. They can talk and interact even though their minds are not fully awake.

So what is so different during this time that they seem to think they’re partly asleep? Good question.

Even though they can interact with their normal environments, not everything is the same. It is as though they are lingering between two worlds. Their subconscious mind is in equal balance with their conscious mind.

Meaning, they are open to whatever may come, eyes open beyond the veil but their conscious minds do not have the draw backs–jerking them out of this moment or to prevent them from seeing, experiencing, and interacting with whatever may be.

This is when some people experience the Shadow Beings, Spiders, or other types of Other Worldly phenomena. It is NOT the only time, but this is a common one, as well as wide spreading.

Now it should be known that Science and Doctors have their own explanations of this but NOTHING is for certain simply because they’re pretty much clueless as to what Hypnagogia is and what these people are really discovering during this phase. The experts are blaming it on sleeping positions, among other things, saying that if someone sleeps on their back– that this is what causes it.

Now it should be noted that I did say above that this phenomena is becoming widely spread. That doesn’t mean  it did not exist before. I think because of the internet and the loss of fear in speaking about these things has made it possible for others to realize that they are not alone.  It should also be mentioned that Shadow beings have been reported since Ancient times but we will get more into that later.

A direct quote from Wikipedia concerning Hypnagogia:

Early references to hypnagogia are to be found in the writings of Aristotle, Iamblichus, Cardano, Simon Forman and Swedenborg.[11] Romanticism brought a renewed interest in the subjective experience of the edges of sleep.[12] In more recent centuries, many authors have referred to the state; Edgar Allan Poe, for example, wrote of the ‘fancies’ he experienced “only when I am on the brink of sleep, with the consciousness that I am so.

So you see it is not new by any means, only our awareness of it since we still seem to be in the Dark Ages concerning anything other than what is socially accepted. Being taught not to believe in such things or that it is against some sort of religion– has really blind sided us I think. 

Let it be also known that during Hypnagogia or what I call ‘Twilight’, Shadow people or beings are not the only thing experienced.

Many people claim that they have got up from their beds, walked out the door to new or past worlds. Some have experienced or revisited past lives or countries.

One woman I read about, reported standing by her bedroom window, waving to people who were passing by outside her home. They stood there waving at her while she waved back at them. At some point she snapped out of it, finding herself standing there waving– only the people she remembered in every detail were no longer present.

Other people report having long conversations with deceased relatives who are possibly standing by their bed or sitting in the same room with them. Some people claim that they are visited by those who are not dead. They have absolutely no idea what they are, but they do know death did not bring them to their bedrooms.

Now even though Twilight is not the only time this happens, this is one of the biggest reports of the Shadow Beings that people claim to experience. Possibly because our minds are so open during this stage and we can see beyond the Veil—my theory.

Now the down side–some people say that they are attacked. That this black mass or presence paralyzes them so that they can not move or even scream.

Others claim that they are not attacked but wake up finding these beings standing over them, simply watching which may be how they came to be called, ‘The Watchers’.

One woman I know claims to have woken up, been fully awake, while a young man in a hooded sweat shirt swept through her room and went out the window. Now she did not think that he jumped, but simply  leaped through his doorway, to where ever he came from. This woman has had this happen quite a few times, same boy, same details (except the exit)– only she was not experiencing Twilight during any of those times. In fact, she told me she had never experienced Twilight. She sees them wide eyed and awake.

So you see Twilight is not the only time you can experience this.

Many reports say that they were standing in their kitchen (or somewhere), felt the energy or the room temperatures change, caught something in the corner of their eye, turned around quickly and the Shadow Being was standing there, watching them.

Shadow or Astral Spiders

People claim to be sleeping or rather Twilight, while watching these HUGE spiders of abnormal size crawl around their beds, glide down over their heads from webs and so on.  By big—sizes ranging from fat puppy size to smaller.

At times they see smaller ones but it is usually the bigger ones that cause them the greatest shock and fright. It is usually scary enough to snap them out of the Twilight completely, where the spiders are then gone.

There hasn’t been to many people offering them any enlightenment concerning this. In fact, I was shocked that on these forums that I researched, to find that quite a few people who rattled away concerning their belief in the Shadow People in other threads, literally make fun of the people who were seeking answers concerning the spiders.

Unfortunately I can not give anyone any hard crusted evidence here but I can explain some common points about them.

One, you do not have to be in twilight to see them. Some people will see them there, wake up completely to find them still in their reality—fading away.

Two, no reports of anyone being bitten.

Three, no reports of anyone being attacked.

Four, some believe they are other dimensional.

Five, others don’t have a clue as to what the hell they are, although freaky, they don’t seem to be harming anyone or anything.


Well I hope we have touched based on some of this as I will probably write more about it later.


However, let me leave you with this question…

Have YOU had an experience with any of these Paranormal beings that you’d care to share?

329 thoughts on “Shadow People, Astral Spiders, & Hypnagogia”

  1. It was About 3am and i dont know i was awake or asleep..i just remember jumping out of bed bc i seen a black tarantula like spider crawling on the bed next to my pillows and blanket (white comforter) i truned the light on and pulled off my comforter and nothing..i looked by the wall where my head would be and nothing i looked under the bed terrified of spiders only bc it doesnt matter how big or small they are i always get bit.. Now i am afriad to go back to sleep.


  2. Happened to me last night. Large orange / brown spider about the size of a large hand. I was about to sleep, snapped awake, saw it crawling down my curtain. I sat up, staring at it, and it slowly carefully crawled back up the curtain. I stood up out of bed, assured myself I was awake and definitely seeing it. It started to bury itself in the top of the curtain, like it was crawling back into a hole, with the faint white hint of a patch of web. Then it was gone. Have had this kind of thing before, rarely, once or twice a year. Usually the spider looks a bit more realistic than this, the colour was like no species of spider I know of. (Have also seen the “hat man” once in this same place). It was unnerving, but I didn’t get much sense of being in danger or threatened.


  3. These things (Shadow Spiders) seem to show up in mass, when i go into a very dark mood.. especially when i start praying to another Entity , since the “god of my youth” seems to never be around to help me, but these things.. “Shadow Spiders” come in all shapes and sizes.. Some of them massive.. some small, but it is unnerving that they show up, especially when all you are doing is just seeking help from another source because of a missing “Good God” in this filthy messed up world.


  4. I was just laying in my bed. With the sheet over my head and I saw my husband laying next to me as well as my daughter I had also seen the main menu of a movie that is playing on the TV and all of a sudden I heard a thud on the blanket and scene I’ve rather big spider Shadow through the sheet period I got so scared but I couldn’t move or say anything. Once I ended up being able to move again I jumped out of bed and screamed about the spider my husband tried to help me find it for a half hour and nothing was there. I think the part of me not being able to move or say anything was the scariest


  5. A few nights ago, I was woke up for some reason, actually I didn’t k ow I’d fallen asleep but I was looking at the towards the foot of my bed. I saw what was a huge spider running sideways like a crab!. I closed my eyes tightly then liked again and it was still there for maybe another one?. But it was running the same way. I’ve NEVER saw that before, it seemed like floater type thing but I knew it wasn’t, floaters don’t have shapes like that and they don’t run. I believe in the paranormal very much and decided to search this spider thing and found your blog.


  6. I am 38 years old. I will never sleep with the lights out. Very terrified to do so. I feel like there is always something out there waiting to kill me. Waiting in the dark. It became worse when I got good at controlling my dreams. My closet stays closed because I feel something in there looking at me, that is why I keep my room door closed I feel something in the hallway looking at me. My dog sleeps better with my bedroom door closed. He even feels something is in the hallway. I only feel safe in the light.


  7. I was in my early 20’s when I first started seeing spiders and webs. It’s always after I have just fallen asleep, but then I wake up and they look completely real. I’ll never forget the first time, when I woke up and saw a black spider the size of a tarantula on my pillow. I jumped up and screamed, but then realized it was never really there. After that, it happens to me a handful of times a year, usually when I’m really tired. It’s also changed over the years. Now I wake up and see webs and smaller spiders hanging or floating from the webs. It looks completely real, but vanishes in a minute or less. I haven’t seen a big spider since the very first time it happened. I’m now 40. I didn’t realize this happened to other people until about 5 years ago. I also remember having sleep paralysis twice in my life. My youngest brother has always had nightmare syndrome.


  8. I had the spiders 🕷 since the age of 8, once or twice a dog, I just lay there from waking staring at it until it fades, I’m not scared of spiders at all, but does seem to appear when under some sort of emotional stress, interesting phenomena


  9. Hi guys. Last night me and my wife woke up with a massive fright and screaming. We saw something moving in the room and after we shared what we saw we realised we saw the same thing.

    It was about 50cm high and 30cm wide. The only way I can describe it is it resembled the shape of that steel “wool” pot cleaners, with many long tentacles protruding from it. My wife saw it at the door of our bedroom, I think she screamed and then it came over to us, because I woke up and saw it over our bed, sort of reaching out to us. For some reason I remember the colour green, which means it must have been glowing because the room was completely dark.

    This morning I also realised that I have been seeing a spider like thing three times in the last year. Once it was on the curtain next to my bed side, another time it was dangling down on a thread from the roof and another time it was on the corner of my bed side just sitting there. I thought nothing of it because I also have a fear for spiders. But after searching this morning on Google, and coming upon a page describing spider like with tentacles I was just amazed.



  10. The other night about 4 am I woke up sat up in bed seen this big black probably 2 big hand size spider . It was like I was froze looking at it . All of a sudden I get up and it goes away . I was awake trying to focus my eyes , it was so real. Few nights before this happened I felt like I kept seeing something or someone move around me , but it would be so fast then go away — wonder what does this really mean.


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