Ghosts and Spirits!




These two constantly get confused. In fact before I did research on it, I was one of millions who thought that they were the same. But , turns out , they’re not.



Spirits are not out to scare anyone. In fact if they do scare you, it is said that they feel really bad about doing it. There’s usually no ‘threatening feeling’ sensed when you see one. In fact, after seeing one, you’ll probably end up finding excuses for it– like tossing it up to imagination. Its truly that subtle.

Spirits have crossed over. They know their place is on the other side or other dimension, or afterlife or whatever term you personally use for it. When they come to our side, they’re just passing through.

Usually they come with a message or to help someone or something out.

Remember, a spirit is not out to harm you or scare you in anyway. If you have the gift of sensing them, then surely you know that when you do, there are no feelings of dread or trouble. If you are new at your gift and are spooked a bit at first, then pay close attention– as it will pass. They have a surreal calm about them and once you get used to things, you learn to recognize that.

There is NO reason to help spirits cross over and into the light. They are not like ghosts, they know their place and are just traveling around. They come and go as they please, without causing harm.


Ghosts, according to some, are the tricksters out to scare us. Why do they go out of their way to do this? Some people say its because the living love to be scared. They pay tons of money for horror movies just to catch the thrill of fright. They go to carnivals or haunted houses, looking for the thrill.

So ghosts are out to do just that, scare you. Its kind of like when you were a kid and you would hide from another kid. When the other kid least expected it, you jumped out and yelled BOO! Then scared the poor kid silly and in doing so, you got yourself a major laugh.

Ghosts are probably having one good laugh right after the other.

I have personally made jokes that when I die I was going to muck with so and so, so hard….lol. So maybe Ghosts are just passing time at your expense.

That’s one theory.

According to this same theory, though, people soon become comfortable with their Ghosts. They’re no longer frightened or scared. They give them names. Make them  the resident spook or pet—kind of.

This is when people begin to confuse them with Spirits. Once a Ghost becomes bored, which is likely if they can’t scare you, they move on.

However, sometimes they become worse. Raising the stakes so to speak until they can get another rise out of you. Hey, its what I’d do lol.

Some say the problem with Ghosts is, they do not have a place that they fit in. They refuse to recognize the fact that they’re dead. They simply do not see that they are no longer of our world and of  the world of the dead around them. They are sometimes completely ignorant to the fact that they’re dead altogether or that there are are dead passing back and forth.

This reminded me of something. Ever see the movie The Others? Perfect example of a Ghost. The mother and her children had absolutely no clue that they were dead. They still saw themselves as part of the living world. So they sought to hang out with the living.

Ghosts can be perceived by the living in a number of ways: through sight (apparitions), sound (voices), smell {fragrances, odors,} touch, and sometimes they can just be sensed.



Definitions based on common opinion . If they are not correct to you, then by all means, disprove them *winks*

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