Pagan Holidays for December 4th, 2009

Pagan Day for Friday, December 4th, 2009


Friday belongs to Frigga or Venus—Goddess of Love and Transformation.


Fridays are excellent days to deal with matters or magical spells & rituals concerning…

Family life, friendship, growth, harmony, love, romance, passion.


Planets & Elements

Venus and the element of Earth


Today’s Moon Phase is:

Waning Gibbous

Banishing, Casting out addictions, illness, or negativity.


Today Ancient Greece would celebrate a festival for Pallas Athena.


Do you ever get the feeling that the Greeks just loved to celebrate stuff? I do, especially doing these because it seems like almost everyday, there’s a party or some sort going on in Ancient Greece.


Anyway, Athena was their Goddess of wisdom and art.

Her birth is probably the most strangest of all births in mythology. You see her father was Zeus and the story goes that he swallowed up his first wife, Metis.

(I suppose that’s one way to get out of paying alimony)

Back to the story, the reason he did this to Metis was…

Can you guess?

Was she cheating on her?

Was she nagging him to death?

Did she threaten to strike his mistress with a lightning bolt if he didn’t cut the fooling around out?

Did he leave his godly socks on the floor?




Zeus was scared to death that Metis would give birth to a son that was mightier than him. Through this myth, we see the signs or some of the first I have ever recognized, of an all powerful God that reflects insecurities and dangerous jealousies


So gobbled her up, he did, and afterwards, he probably regretted it–or I did after reading the story years and years ago. . 

Because Prometheus later on took an axe to Zeus’ head, splitting open his skull. Talk about a head ache. Ouch.

Anyway, when Zeus’ skull departed like the red sea—oops that might be another story—Athena leaped out, fully grown, fully armored, with a sword in hand.



Next time you have a migraine…is it because of stress or maybe you are a god and have a son or daughter poking around with a sword inside your head.




That’s it for today folks! See you tomorrow!

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